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The pros and cons of contraception

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                                          The pros and cons of contraception

These are various methods of contraception. Firstly I will consider male contraceptive methods.

Males may use condoms. The pros are as follows. It lowers the risk of sexually transmitted disease (STD) and is effective against pregnancy. No prescription is needed. As regards the cons, each can only be used once and they can leak or burst. It can slip off if the man remains inside the woman after climax. Also women may be allergic to latex of which the best condoms are made or to spermicides.

Alternatively, the man may practise withdrawal. The pros are no side effects and no cost. As regards the cons, it does not protect against STDs and the man cannot always judge the time of ejaculation.

I will now consider female hormonal methods. Firstly, there are birth control pills. The pros are as follows. They are very effective against pregnancy. They make menstrual cramps and acne. One is less likely to get ovarian and uterine cancer, pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cysts and anaemia. The cons are as follows. They do not protect against  STDs, there is cost  and they have to be taken everyday. They can’t be taken by women with certain medical problems or taking certain medications. Many doctors will not prescribe them to women over 35. They can cause side effects such as nausea, increased appetite or headaches.

Also there are Depo-Provera hormonal injections. The pros are as follows.

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I will now refer to female barrier methods, firstly spermicides. The pros are that they cost little and can be bought at chemists. The cons are as follows. They do not protect against STDs. Their effectiveness usually last only 1 hour and one needs to reapply each time one has sexual intercourse. Some people may be allergic to spermicides. It is the least effective method of protection against pregnancy and it’s use may change the bacteria in the vagina and increase urinary tract infections.

Another method is the contraceptive sponge. The pros are that it can be inserted right before or several hours before intercourse and it provides protection against pregnancy for 24 hours. The cons are that it does not protect against STDs, it can’t be taken out until six hours after intercourse and it cannot be used by women who are allergic to non exile a.

Another method is the diaphragm. The pros are that it can be put in place before, it doesn’t need to be taken out between intercourse. It protects against pregnancy for about 6 hours. The cons are as follows. It doesn’t protect against STDs. It needs to be fitted by a health care provider. It may move out of place during intercourse. Some women may move be allergic to the diaphragm or the spermicide gel required. It can cause an increase in urinary tract infections.

Another method is cervical caps.

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 Sterlisation is a good method but permenant, with regard to the temple barrier methods, the spermicide a love does not protect against pregnancy enough, whilst as regards the other method, or the spermicides used and infections can be  causded .

In conclusion, it seems that the best form of contraception is to use a combination of the condom, either male or female and the pill. Sometimes, the condom can split and be of no use. Also, inaccurate use of the pill can take away its effectiveness. If one uses both, each backs up the other and they provide very good contraception. In addition the condom protects against STDs. If there are side effects with the pill then the intra-uterine device can be tried. When they reach a point where they will want no more children, one or the other could be sterilised.

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