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The rain forest of Amazonia.

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The rain forest of Amazonia

        “The biggest rain forest on earth is now disappearing!”, “Trees have been cut down in an enormous speed in Amazonia.”……etc. these headlines have already been around us for a very long time, but have anyone actually done anything to it? I don’t think so, in fact, people just not care about it, they scarcely think that it is important!

        A local rubber tree cutter in the area, who works in 30, hectors big land, but in this big piece of land, with 30 thousand trees in the area and he has got only 60 rubber trees, so how can he get enough rubber to survive? He actually visits every rubber tree in the land and take very little bit of rubber liquid from each tree.

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        Another big problem in the forest is the mahogany trees which are so popular for making furniture that those furniture companies just cut down a big piece of land, the land can be tens of hectors! The value of mahogany trees is 500pound per cubic metre, and the funny thing is that Britain is the biggest buyer of those trees! In a hector of land, you may find 1 or 2 adult mahogany trees if you are lucky, so you can see how much land do the company need to cut to make so much furniture.

        Papers are made of trees; look around where you are if there is any paper? Even this case study you are reading is printed on papers!

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        There are thousands of problems in the forest; the government of Brazil says the forest will be there for more than 300 years and the local authorities says the forest will disappear in 40 years but all those argues are just useless, because the forest is going to disappear anyway! So what is the point of arguing! Why don’t we just stop the deforestation and take care of it! Just because of the profit they can get so they don’t care about the animals, plants, and people? I think we should stop cutting down trees and start take care of it right now!

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