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The sphere of influence in Brent Cross is bigger than that of North Finchley - My aim is to find the area, which has a bigger sphere of influence.

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The sphere of influence in Brent Cross is bigger than that of North Finchley

Aim: My aim is to find the area, which has a bigger sphere of influence.

The keywords in my aim was “sphere of influence” and “bigger”

        The “Sphere of influence” means the area that people are willing to travel to in a certain area. Although the shops that are in that shopping area affect the sphere of influence, the transport and ease to get there along with the rivalry from other shopping districts. Here are some examples of shops with an area of influence: Boots Chemist prefers to have an area of influence of 10,000 people, Marks and Spencer prefer to have an area of influence of 50,000 people and Sainsburys prefer 60,000 people.

“Bigger” from peoples point of view means:

  • “…More space”
  • “Large amount of space“

In the Oxford Dictionary I looked up “bigger” this is what it meant,

  • Of considerable size, amount, intensity…
  • Of a large or the larger size…
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In my opinion the things that will make a better shopping area than a different location would be to have a large variety of shops. These things would include Food, Electrics, Toys shops, sweet shops, jewellery and banks. The amount of parking spaces would be good because if newcomers want to explore the place then they will have somewhere to park their car, however if their isn’t enough parking spaces then some people will leave that shopping area because their isn’t any spaces so they will be visiting another shopping area.

The area has to be clean because cleanliness attracts more people so this means that bins have to be set up around everywhere so people can put their rubbish in the bins. And also toilets have to be set up in most areas so that customers can use the toilet. To get people coming to that place their has to be some transports such as Bus, Train and Taxis.

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I chose to visit 2 shopping areas in Barnet to ask my questions and take a tally.

This is North Finchley. I visited North Finchley to take some pictures and ask my questions. The place in North Finchley I visited was at Tally Ho Corner; I also took pictures at the North Finchley high road. The map below shows North Finchley:

 (Insert map of north Finchley)

This is Brent Cross. I also visited Brent Cross because I wanted to compare 2 shopping areas. To get my information, I sat next to where the old water fountain use to be and got some information around there. I asked my questionnaire in a random shop and a random customer within that shop. The map below shows where I was:

(Insert map of Brent cross)

(Map of Barnet showing locations of North Finchley and Brent Cross)

I predict that Brent Cross will have a bigger area of influence.

Mohammed Mohammed 10 O

01 May 2007

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