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The Struggles for a Piece of Paper

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The Struggles for a Piece of Paper

        There are many different ways of going to college.  There are those people who have the luxury of having a scholarship due to academics or athletics. Some people have parents with deep pockets, or have deep pockets themselves. Yet others, get some help from various lenders, or successfully manage to balance their education and employment that funds their schooling.  There are both positives and negatives for each selection.  The negative challenges brought by each method are sometimes more severe from one to the other.  It has been my experience that if paying for college is not a question, then one of the biggest obstacles in pursuing a college education has been removed.  It is my strong opinion, that if one does not have financial support, it is extremely difficult to go to college.  That is why my college career has been a lengthy one.

        After graduating from high school in the summer of 1996, I was faced with many choices.  Even these choices seemed to have choices.  For instance, if I were to

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College life was not what I thought it was.  I was expecting something very different from high school, more elegant I guess.  Grossmont College seemed to be just like high school, except students were allowed to smoke cigarettes and wear hats.  I liked it immediately.  What I didn’t like was parking and having to pay for textbooks.  I went forward with my freshman year taking English, art, Spanish and speech.  I had no idea why I was taking these classes.  It just seemed like the thing to do.  The funny thing about my first semester of college is that after a while of going to classes, I didn’t feel like going anymore.  The other funny thing was that I came to realize that there was no body stopping me from not going like there was in high school.  Needless to say, after starting off my college career with a bang, it ended quickly with a thud.

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        In hindsight I can see the error of my ways and would do things completely different.  It would have been in my best interests for me to bury myself into school and living frugally for a few years so that I would be done with this quest of mine.  Not being allowed to change the past, I settle for changing the future.  My plan is simple; when I can take a class that will coincide with my ever-changing work schedule, I do so.  This plan might now allow me to graduate in great haste, but as long as I stick to this plan I most definitely will get my degree.  The biggest problem with me getting to school has never been paying for it or getting the grade.  More so, it has simply being able to fit going to college into my adult life.  My struggle may not be a very sad or courageous one, but it is a common one.  At the end of the day, I’m just an average guy trying to get something that nobody else has received in his family, a college degree.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations section.

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