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The Test

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Daniel Aldous-Critchley        English Coursework        Year 10 Set 1

The Test

Thank-you for letting me come here today. I have a story that I can tell to only one person, who I trust. I know you won’t say anything and I am grateful for that.

You’ve probably read about the Benjy Blesker case in the newspapers, well I was the Doctor of Science and medicines that Mr Wedge, the defence lawyer called upon for assistance in getting that boy off of the hook. This was an interesting case, I must admit that. My mind is still not made up whether Benjy did do it or not, but for Vernon’s sake thank goodness the jury were convinced enough to let him off. It wasn’t what you’d call an open and shut case, there were so many technicalities involved; objections, tests, witnesses who thought they saw something but weren’t sure, and oh the list goes on and on.

        I don’t want to take up too much of your time so I’ll cut to the chase.

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At the time it seemed a foolproof plan and when Vernon asked me for the solution to explain to his client I thought nothing more of it, and gave it to him. Little was I to know that this would be the downfall of the prosecutions case instead of the Blesker’s one.

Mr Vernon Wedge, the defence lawyer that had a bit of an up and down reputation with big cases, decided to take it upon himself to purposely break a damn obvious rule. It was the next day. Just about when it was time for summations, that I was sitting up in the spectators gallery fidgeting in my seat, wondering when (if ever) Vernon was going to introduce the new evidence, because he hadn’t conferred with me about it since we met in the lab. There was an interruption

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Well, the rest is mostly history and in all the papers. Vernon presented a summation that far outweighed on the jury’s consciences than Mr Wickers’ one. Benjy was pronounced innocent and let go, no-one ever knew the truth. I wouldn’t be surprised though if Vernon tried to do the test after the case. You know, just to put his mind at rest.

So father as you can see, I was willing to send a man to prison for the best part of his life on my say so. All I had to do was put a drop of the extra stuff in to the solution and that would have been it. A solid conviction for the murder of Kenny Tarcher.

Thank-god I didn’t.

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