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The Worst Weekend.

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The Worst Weekend

(In the lounge) My brother came around last weekend, he said he was just popping in for a cup of tea, but I said he could stay, so he ended up staying the whole weekend.  He wasn’t acting normal, he seemed anxious and nervous.  I asked him if anything was bothering him, he didn’t reply.  I asked my wife Margaret if she thought there was something different about him, she agreed that there was definitely something strange about him.  I had to find out what was wrong with him.  

(Sunday morning) The PIGS were sniffing around the area.  I was about to ask him what was wrong.  When we had a knock on the door, it was the PIGS.

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On the Tuesday, two days after he’d left, the PIGS came back and they had a warrant to search the premises.  There wasn’t much point, because they didn’t find anything in the house.  But there was something in the garden, it must have been important because as soon as they found it they were off trying to track him down.  I went outside after they had gone to see what they found, but they had cleaned up after themselves.  I then got arrested for withholding information about my brothers where about.  They soon found out that I didn’t actually know anything about it, so they had to let me go.  Then I was thinking about how to contact

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They found my brother in Barcelona in Spain and they brought him back home on a murder charge.  The court appearance is tomorrow and I can’t decide whether to go or not.  I wouldn’t know what I’d think if I saw him again.  I don’t really want to be associated with a murderer.  Margaret doesn’t really want me to go, and I agree with her.  Anyway he’s going to go down anyway because they have got too much evidence for anybody to help him, perhaps when he goes down we can live a normal life again.

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