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Tipping etiquette.

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Christina West


Dr. Annette McCreedy

Essay #3


        As the economy rises and falls, and families get smaller, eating out is more of a familiarity.  When it comes to dining out, the main problem that many Americans face is the lack of knowledge in tipping etiquette.  Most people do not take classes on how to tip and the few that do are given set information that does not apply to all situations.  Another familiar dilemma is who to tip in the restaurant industry.  Remembering that a lot of times, the waiter or waitress is the only one providing full attention to the table and is the one who makes less than minimum wage, at an astounding $2.13 per hour.  Considering this, by the time taxes are taken out of a server’s paycheck, his or her hourly wage plummets to almost or below nothing.  When customers decide not to tip or to remain at the table for hours, the server actually loses money because he or she claims a percent of his or her sales, not a percent of the tips.

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        Another suggestion is down-to-earth generosity.  In most cases, servers work extremely hard to please their guests, knowing that their pay depends on the tip.  Giving the server a five-dollar bill instead of a couple one-dollar bills is greatly appreciated.  Post emphasizes that, “If everyone continues to tip at the same rate, regardless of effort made to please; there is no incentive to make any extra effort” (45).  This statement is true, especially for guests who have special requirements or are hard to please and extra compensation is required for this type of guest.  On the other hand, a regular customer who tips well is remembered and given more satisfactory service than one who does not tip as well.

        These suggestions may or may not be ideal, but the server can try his or her best to make sure the customer has an enjoyable dining experience.  One example is the rating system at a popular family restaurant.

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        Next time when deciding to eat out, think of everyone involved in the dining experience.  Being a server, tips are very important, but when a guest shows respect and thankfulness, its worth more than the money itself.  No amount of money makes up for rude behavior on the customer’s part and a good way to show gratitude for excellent service is by thanking or praising the server, as well as mentioning the service to his or her supervisor. By following a few simple steps and being nice, both customer and server alike may help end our tipping trials, even if this ideally includes a bigger tip.

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