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"To Call or not to Call"

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"To Call or not to Call"

By : Pia Marie B. Mercado

        It's been 3 days and he still haven't called me. Why do guys do that? I mean, if they're not really planning to call, they shouldn't have bothered asking for a girl's number. But then they usually do. And what's unfair is that the girls are left wondering and waiting when he is going to call her. And as for the guy, like duh.. he get's to choose whether he'll call or not whenever he feels like it. That's really unfair. But what else could we girls do? It's supposed to be like that because no matter how much our country has improved, girl's calling a guy still doesn't overpower the percentage of the basic guy calling the girl gesture.  

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        I mean, there are some things in life which can be so simple and yet until now, we're all making it complicated. For several decades, it's been a custom that it's always the guy's who make the first move especially on a telephone conversation. Even when his intentions are just friendly ones. But then that's always been a problem. Because some guys find it hard to make the first move even when the feeling is mutual. But I'm just talking about this simple gesture of calling a girl one day or one week after he asked for her number. And yet not all guys can do that?


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LOST YOUR NUMBER..(hmm.. bad. Unless he has a valid reason for losing it.)CHANGED HIS MIND…(that kinda hurts, I mean, imagine the time you wasted waiting for his call!!!.)CONFUSED OR CHICKENED OUT…(duh!)

Anyway, those or just a few possible reasons why some guys just don't give you a ring when you're expecting him to. But there are also some impossible reasons which may happen in a range of one in a million. Though I prefer not to waste my time in mentioning them.

So I'm now finished with this article and he still haven't called me. As I've said, it's kinda unfair being treated this way. Because we girls are always left wondering sometimes. Though I guess that's one of the thrills of being a girl, don't you think so?!

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