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to compare the readability of three different papers - Plan

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G.c.s.e maths data handling coursework Aim:- to compare the readability of three different papers. A tabloid, quality and broadsheet. These papers are the sun, daily mail and the times. The aim of the investigation is to compare the papers to determine the readability of each in the terms of a word count and the distribution of articles and size. There are many different newspapers that fall into the categories of broadsheet, quality or tabloid. ...read more.


Quality papers have similar sized pages as the tabloids but have more writing per page. The articles are balanced between those in a broadsheet and a tabloid. When I take my information I will use papers from the same day to keep a fair test. Before I started my investigation I did pre work to show if the investigation is worthwhile and also to help a more educated prediction. The three samples I chose for my prework were of the same article on the same subject. ...read more.


Because of the difference in the pre work I did I predict that the broadsheet paper will be more difficult to read as it has longer sentences and articles. It will also have more articles focusing on serious news stories rather than entertainment. I think the tabloid will be much easier to read as It will have smaller articles with shorter articles and more pictures and headlines. The content of the articles will also be more informal concentrating on entertainment and human interest. The quality paper will be a mixture, with a medium sentence length and even more distribution of news and entertainment etc...... ...read more.

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