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To show that the colour of text to the corresponding word affects the time it takes to say each colour.

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Adam Trodden



1986 - Forever

Elaine Brown Rm 12

Aim: To show that the colour of text to the corresponding word

         affects the time it takes to say each colour.

Psychology Experiment

Abstract:  The general Aims of the experiment were to see whether words and

                   colours effected reading times. The method used was an experiment of

                   opportunity sampling; the sampling frame was of thirty people. Overall

                   the results show that the students of St Mary’s college were slower when

                   the colour and words didn’t correspond with each other.

Hypothesis:  The hypothesis states that people will get faster times if the colour of

                       the word is the same as the word. This is a one Tailed Hypothesis.

Null Hypothesis:

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Ethics: There are no real ethical issues in this experiment.

Results: The Table Below

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                      correct. Criticisms, which can be made, are the choice of sample

                      because it could have been done by a quota sample to compare males

                      and females.  The procedure could be change so that it was related or

                      the participants had more words to read out.  The location could have

                      been changed so the participants were in a lab this would stop people

                      from interfering and would stop all background movement and noise.

                  The experiment could be improved by using the all the college students

                      instead of just a small sample.

Conclusion:  The results show that the students of St Mary’s college were affected by

                       the colour of the Text corresponding to the word, which was written on

                       the paper.

The Difference Between the Mean of Each Condiotion:


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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Comparing length of words in newspapers section.

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