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To what extent do you agree with the statement that Thatcher's Second Adminstration was success for Britian? To understand the extent of Thatcher's success in her adminstration

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To what extent  do you agree with the statement that Thatcher's Second Adminstration was success for Britian?

To understand the extent of Thatcher's success in her adminstration her adminstration needs to be divided into in different factors to determine the success. The key issues that affected the second adminstration were Privatisation, Trade Unions, Education,Housing Civil services/local governments and Controversies/Embarassments. All these issues affected the adminstration heavily as these were the major points of change in Britian at the time and alot of things that Thatcher will be remembered for.

A major part of Thatcher'sadminstration and that which she is probably most senominous with is her dealings with the trade unions and what she did to them. This is a key part of the Thatcher adminstration as it is probably her greatest legacy and the reason why she is sometimes viewed in a negative light. Espicially by the working class elements of society who villifiy her.

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Privatisation in which Thatcher privatised many of Britain's industries which removed the socialist ethos behind British industry. Thatcher sold off such key infrastructure industries to private investors such as British Telecom, British Gas and Airways. This helped open up the market to other competiers giving and investors. With companies like Cable and Wireless coming to forefront removing the share. This however could be seen as helping Britain's economy to grow to the strength it is today and helped give stability after the chaotic economy of then 70's with the government getting in debt. This venture could be viewed also as a success as the venture generated billions of pounds for Britian however this can be played down as it was never invested in the right way as Thatcher had no key investments to make. Others view this as near treason the Tories were selling off the family silver that which we would never get back. It could be seen as a start of the death of the welfare state.

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The second adminstration brought with it the new ideology of monetarism  replacing  Keynesianism which by the 80's unpopular. As getting in debt to spend yourself out of a recession was seen as hap hazard by most Brits. Along with this came the ideology of cutting public spending reducing taxes and putting more money into peoples pockets. making Brit's richer and givin g them more free choice to encourage economic growth. A tthe centre of this was Civil service and local government cuts. The tories scrapped many Civil service workers that they believed to be a drain on the budget. They cut local government spending which was seen as a huge leech on the economy of Britian and was also seen as being used for corrupt ends. This could be seen as a success as it generated a further surplus for the country like privatisation a £3 billion surplus. This could also be seen as unsuccesful for Britian as it helped to cause a decline in public services and local government which has taken till present day to start  to recover.

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