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Tracking my expenses over the course of a week.

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When I started tracking my expenses over the course of a week, I had no idea I would come to the conclusion I did.  While writing this paper, I discovered a lot to do with myself as a personality and a consumer, in today’s economic world.   When one buys something small everyday, it adds up, and the figure only becomes a significant amount once it is totaled.  This will become evident, as this experiential assignment is discussed in detail.  

There are two recurring expenditures that I need to account for.  Over the course of the week, I bought 13 cups of coffee, and 5 packs of cigarettes.  If each cup of coffee costs $1.32 and each pack of cigarettes costs $8.89, then in a week, combining the two, I spend of total of $61.61.  That means per month, on coffee and cigarettes, I spend $246.44, on average.  The sad thing I realized, after doing this assignment was that even knowing this, I will still drink two cups of coffee a day, and I will still smoke nearly a pack of cigarettes a day.  To make it worse, the week that I recorded my expenses, wasn’t even too bad a week, work wise.

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The rest of the expenses that I made over the week are quite insignificant (not in monetary value, but rather in motivation).  The shoes I bought were winter shoes, and so were a deliberate and non-impulsive expenditure of $166.  They are Diesel winter shoes, and I left my apartment with the intention of buying this particular pair.   I had seen them in the catalogue online, so I knew how much they cost.  So I budgeted my groceries according to the shoes.  

The total at Provigo came to $267.  I didn’t buy anything out of the ordinary that I don’t usually buy: the same cold cuts, the same steaks, the same fruit and the same junk food.  There is no real motivation behind which I chose to buy the things I did: I just like the taste of them.  I’m not one for experimenting with food; once I’ve established what I like, that’s all I eat.  I don’t look for anything potentially better.  

I spent $12 on developing a role of film that I had used over Halloween, when a friend of mine was visiting.  This expenditure will only be one that occurs every month, at the most.

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Jeans from GAP                        $90

Winter Shoes                                $166

Thursday (6th)

Coffee (x2)                                $3.76

Groceries                                $276

Friday (7th)

Coffee (x2)                                $3.76

Cigarettes (1 pack of B&H)                $8.89

Photos                                        $12

Saturday (8th)

Coffee (x2)                                $3.76        

Cigarettes (1 pack of B&H)                 $8.89        

DVDs                                        $230

Alcohol                                $30

Sunday (9th)

Coffee (x2)                                $3.76

Cigarettes (1 pack of B&H)                $8.89


Total                                        $864.48        

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Pay Phone Problem section.

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