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Travel writing-Trip to Barcelona

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             Travel writing-Trip to Barcelona


        Saturday morning, 24th of June 2004, 6.30am in the morning. Waking up for a twenty six hours long and boring bus ride to Barcelona with the Urdd. Leaving home and meeting down the bowlplex at 7:30am for a leaving time of 8am.

        Started the long and boring journey, we’ve finally reached the ferry after five hours. Had to wait on the bus for another hour waiting to get boarded on the ferry. The boys and I went straight for food, and then to the deck to stretch our legs.

       Back on the bus and travelled a few more hours. We’re only in France, and travelled twelve hours and it feels like we’ve been travelling for about three days. The roads are so rough and bumpy, I keep getting pins a needles and cramp.

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Settling down in the Accommodation

     Dark brown, made out of wood and isn’t very safe. The rooms are outside, not attached to another and its like a shed but three times the size. They’re The rooms are about ten foot tall and about twelve foot by twelve foot.

     In the rooms there’s three sets of bunk beds, plenty of blankets and pillows. There’s a fridge that’s very useful in this very hot weather. There’s shower and toiletry equipment. There are small cupboards for storage.

      The boys and I went for a walk around the accommodation and we took our swimming kit. It’s very easy to find your way around the accommodation. We found the swimming pool and we tossed ourselves in. The pool was quite cold, and very deep.

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      The boys and I went straight to Dragon Kahn, which is the biggest ride. We queued for bout three quarters of an hour and it was worth waiting that long. The ride took about thirty seconds but it was exciting.

     We then went on a few more, but as the day was nearly up we went on the best ride, this ride was the water ride, and you’d go down a hill in this carrier that carried about thirty people, it would hit the water at the bottom which would make a huge wave and it would make you wet from head to toe.

     We left the theme park at 11:30pm and everyone was exhausted, it was really quiet on the bus. There was another boring old film on it was toy story. We reached the accommodation at 1:45am.

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