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We read a poem called the

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John Updike: Alfred A. Knoff, Inc. 1990. Good. in Good dj. Fiction xlib., usual library markings.,clean pages., In John Updike's fourth and final novel about ex-basketball player Harry "Rabbitt" Angstrom, the hero has acquired heart trouble, a Florida condo, and a second grandchild. His son, Nelson, is behaving erratically; his daughter-in-law, Pru, is sending out mixed signals; and his wife, Janice< decides in midlife to become a workin g girl. Through the winter, spring, and summer of1989, Rabbitt explores the bleak terrain of late middle age, looking for reasons to live. The geographical locale is divided between Brewerin southeast ern P., and Deleon in southwestern Florida. First Trade Edition. Binding is Hard Cover. Fiction FICTION NOVEL 0394588150 504910 

A Loss of Motivation

In English Seven we read a poem called the "Ex Basketball Player" by John Updike.

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In fourth grade I took gymnastics. I really like it, and had a lot of fun. The problem was that after a while my teacher didn't seem to teach us many new tricks. On top of that, they were ready to move to a new building. This building had a low ceiling, so I couldn't do the uneven bars. The uneven bars happened to be my favorite event, so I decided to quit.

At first I was content with my decision, because I liked the free time. Now I regret ever quitting. I am not as flexible as I once was. I can't do the splits which was my ultimate goal. I can still do some of the tricks. Form my decision I learned not to give up so easily.


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At first I thought it was good that I quit, and I was happy. Later though I started to regret it, because the only thing my friends would talk about is Girl Scouts so I felt left ouy. Then I realized I don't have to everything my friends do, so I decided to join softball. I learned it's O.K. if I'm different than my friends because that's why they like me. In the end most of my friends joined softball and quit Girl Scouts in the next few years.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations section.

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