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What affects the speed of a paper helicopter

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What affects the speed of a paper helicopter? I am trying to find out what affects the speed of a paper helicopter that we made in the class by experimenting on the plan. Prediction:- I predict that every time we make the wing span smaller the speed will increase. I think this is going to happen because we are cutting down a small surface of the wing which helps the helicopter to slow down. Key factors:- * Wind * Mass * Height dropped from * Surface area of the wing Method:- To carry out this experiment I will cut our a paper helicopter and balance the paper helicopter on a 1meter ruler and hold the helicopter on the ceiling and then say ready, steady and go. ...read more.


5. Same weight; we should make sure that we use the same paper clip for all the experiments because if the paper clip is heavier then the helicopter would take less time to reach the floor. 6. Same stop watch; some stop watches work faster or slower that others so if we want to carry out a fair experiment we should use the same stop watch for the whole experiment. 7. We should try to finish the whole experiment when we start it because even if we make sure that we stick to all the points I have mentioned to make this experiment fair if we leave half of the experiment for later the weather in the room might have changes so there fore the experiment wouldn't be a fair experiment. ...read more.


My graph shows that my experiment is accurate because of the shape of the graph. The graph starts from 2.44 and goes down every time I cut 1cm this shows that my experiment is accurate. I conclude that the larger the surface area of the wing span the slower the helicopter travels and the smaller the surface area of the wing span the quicker it travels. Evaluation:- I think my evidence is sufficient to support my conclusion. My results were reliable and the speed decreased every time I cut a bit off the wing span. Improvements:- To make my experiment more accurate I would stand on a chair and hold the helicopter instead of holding it with a ruler because when I let go of the ruler the helicopter would have came down on my ruler even thought I had let go of the helicopter. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations section.

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