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Who is the stronger sex? Male or female? Women or men?

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Who is the stronger sex? Male or female? Women or men? Women.

A number of people claim that governments, religions and education systems have added up to nothing more than a plot by men to suppress women, colluding to keep good women down. Keeping women pregnant was a way of controlling them even more. If this is true then if women are the stronger sex then how could men ever have achieved such total dominance over the world? Is it a male conspiracy?

Women are safer. Women have a wider arc of vision which makes them safer, but not many people think that this is true

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Women are smarter. Research shows that the left side of a girl’s brain develops more rapidly than that of a boy, which means girls speak sooner and better than boys, read earlier, and learn foreign language more quickly. It also explains why speech pathologists are booked solid for treatment on little boys. It’s obvious that women are smarter than men. Think about it – diamonds are a girls best friend; man’s best friend is a dog.

Women are less aggressive. A study of the University of Sydney showed that when confronted with a potentially aggressive conflict such as a schoolyard fight, 74% of boys used

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Women are equal. Who says being a chief executive controlling a corporation, flying a jumbo jet or programming a space shuttle’s computer is the ultimate measure of fulfillment? Men do. It’s their standard of excellence, not everyone’s. Many women feel that they are failures or that women in general have failed by not conquering male – dominated areas. That’s simply not true. Women haven’t failed; they’ve only failed to be like men.


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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations section.

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