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Word Spread of newspaper articles

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In my coursework I will be comparing three newspaper articles which are in the following newspapers ‘The Sun’ (tabloid newspaper), ‘The Sheffield Star’ (local newspaper) and ‘Telegraph’ (quality newspaper).

I will also be analysing the readability of each newspaper story.

For my hypothesis I will be testing the readability. In this case I will be testing the readability of a tabloid newspaper. This is because I think that a tabloid newspaper is easier to read because their articles are mostly aimed at younger people.

Also the tabloid newspaper writers use a much easy language to understand where as the quality and tabloid newspapers are written in much more detail than the tabloid newspaper. I also think that the tabloid newspaper article will be easier to read whereas the quality and tabloid newspaper is much harder to read than the local newspaper.

Furthermore, I think that the local newspaper will be easier to read than the tabloid.

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Cumulative Frequency







I will put them in to a talley and write how many letters are in each word. Once I have done that I will then compare the newspapers to each other. image06.pngimage04.pngimage05.pngimage03.png

I will also keep

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This shows that the tabloid is the hardest to read because the box plots show that the tabloid newspaper includes the most difficult words than the other two newspapers.

Furthermore, I also wrote in my hypothesis that the local newspaper will be easier to read than the tabloid. This has been proven correct because the spread for the local newspapers starts and ends at lower figures compared to the tabloid.

However the lowest spread from all three of the newspaper articles was the quality newspaper. This is because it starts and ends with the lowest figures form the other two newspapers however it does have the same mean as the local newspaper which shows that it is suite similar to the local newspaper.

This shows that my prediction is my hypothesis about the tabloid newspaper being the easiest newspaper to read and also the local newspaper being easier than the tabloid newspaper to read. This shows that my prediction was wrong because the easiest newspaper to read was the quality newspaper because that was the newspaper that has the lowest spread.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Comparing length of words in newspapers section.

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