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"Words are Loaded Pistols" - Jean-Paul Sartre - Discuss.

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Shai Manor



Ways of Knowing: Language

Words are Loaded Pistols” – Jean-Paul Sartre

This essay is written, to show the power of words, and to explain the quote above by Jean-Paul Sartre. I will relate this topic to ways and areas of knowing. Some examples might be given throughout the explanation of the quote and how it can be seen.

Words are loaded pistols means to me, that thoughts are pistols, and words are loaded pistols, when you speak, you shoot the words out. The difference between thoughts and words is that thoughts are something we think of, evaluate it for ourselves, words are eventually the conclusion we have made out of our thoughts.

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This quote can be related to emotion, perception and even belief. This quote can be a form of perception, since every person sees it differently just as Sartre had his own view when he wrote this quote. For some, this might seem emotional, and may not agree with it. Going back to the political use of it, if someone has died in ones family by a gunshot, he might see it the political way and say the person shooting could have just talked instead of shot. Violence is not always the answer to everything.

This can also be seen as a thing you believe in, belief may restrict you from talking in some religions.

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As we can see, throughout the essay, points are being made showing how important words are. Words can be threatening just like weapons, words can be comforting and words can make a point, bring an idea across to others. Words build up our languages, without letters we wouldn’t have words, but without words we wouldn’t have sentences, paragraphs, and language itself. Quotes are written so that people can think, open their heads and think out of the box. This quote by Jean-Paul Sartre just showed us how many things can be extracted out of it just by thinking.



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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Comparing length of words in newspapers section.

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