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Write an essay in which you describe your job to someone who finds the job boring, gross, or otherwise unappealing.

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Eric King

Mrs. Overly


September 30, 2003

Descriptive Writing – Ch.3

P.139 #2 Write an essay in which you describe your job to someone who finds the job boring, gross, or otherwise unappealing.


        Ever since the fourth grade, I have mowed lawns and empty lots in and around my neighborhood. My brother started a lawn service in our neighborhood; when I became old enough, I helped him out. We mowed together for a few years, until he decided to get a different job. Once my brother found a new job, he decided to turn his lawn mowing service over to me.

        The summer after my eighth grade year, I started mowing lawns by myself. At first, I did not like it at all.

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        On a typical day in the summer where I had to mow a lawn, I tried to wake up between nine and ten in the morning. Then, I would fix myself a light breakfast, and then put on my mowing clothes. After that, I got all of my equipment out of my shed, and put gas and oil in it if needed; I would then load all of my equipment into my truck and drive to the house that I needs to mowed.

        Once I get to the house, I unload all of my equipment. Then, I check the height of the grass and adjust my mower accordingly. After

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Although mowing has its drawbacks, there are some positive things about it. Since I run my own lawn service, I could pretty much mow my own hours. I enjoy running my own business; when I have had other things to do on the days I needed to mow, I could just mow them a day earlier or a day later to free up my schedule. Although my job requires a lot of work, the amount of pay I get makes it worth my while. On every lawn, I charge between thirty and forty-five dollars depending on the size, and any extra work that I have to do.  Sometimes I get tipped an additional few dollars when my employer really likes my work.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Pay Phone Problem section.

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