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The smell of deliciously baked potatoes filled the air, followed by the scent of mouth watering burgers. Staff at “Bobby’s Burger” were under pressure to produce the maximum amount of burgers as fast and as soon as they could. Ignorant and boisterous customers would soon be arriving, rushing to be the first in the long everlasting queue.

“Come on people, I don’t pay you miserable lot good money for slouching, now get on with making those burgers. I want you working swiftly and eagerly so that I can see smoke coming out of your bony fingers,” the boss yelled at his employee’s; as he carefully inspected how well they were doing their job.

In half an hours time the customers would arrive. Tension levels of the workers was rising. The customers would walk into “Bobby’s Burger” thinking that they owned the place, assuming themselves as more superior than the workers. Customers behaving as though they were they king of the jungle!

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In no time at all, the tills were tapping, coins were clicking and the rustling of five pound notes could be heard. The customers were demanding their orders from the timid and defenceless employee’s, who tried their very best to hide their fears.

The boss smiled to himself as the customers came flooding in. To this miserable, obese and brutal man life was all about money. He lived on money. More customers hence more profit! The boss closed his office blinds, and plopped his huge bottom on the shiny black leather chair. Cunningly he unlocked his desks’ bottom draw, and rummaged out a bottle of fine whisky. Quickly he gulped down a few mouthfuls, praying that no one would catch him on his sly act. Outside in the burger bar underprivileged employee’s had to accept being treated like dirt off the ground, from the customers; after all, “Bobby’s Burger’s” golden rule was “The customers always right!” NO MATTER WHAT!

The doorman greeted the peckish short tempered consumers, tried his very best not to shout abusive language to the ill-mannered people.

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“Is it not your late shift tonight?” the boss screamed from his office, as he heard the door bang. When they heard the boss say this, the doorman opened the door and out went the employee’s like a heard of elephants. The boss came out of his cosy office to find his Burger Bar deserted. It was silent, so silent that a pin drop could be heard. The door was half open and the sign read “strictly closed!” The boss muttered to himself “Well that’s their monthly wage gone! How dare they have the nerve to cheat on me!” With that the boss went back to his office

The Burger Bar was abonded. No tills were tapping, and no coins were clicking. The only thing that could be heard was the boss calculating the profit made during the day on his little pocket calculator!

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Pay Phone Problem section.

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