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All advertising should be banned.

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Advertising 'All advertising should be banned' The question of whether advertising should be banned is a very complex and multifaceted one. The first thing we must do is consider what advertising is. The dictionary definition of advertising is "to promote publicly to increase sales and make a public announcement". Advertising is one of the most rapidly developing industries around. It is a multibillion-dollar organisation in America, and companies have been known to pay up to 13 million pounds just for a celebrity to endorse their product, let alone pay for the cost of having the advertisement filmed, produced and aired. Larger brands often try to use a celebrity to increase the sales of their products. Techniques that companies also use include; * Humour * An extreme portrayal of a situation (for example happy, luxurious, beautiful, etc) * Colour enhancement * Before and after shots to show the capacity of the product to transform * Quotations from individuals to authorise the product * The product in action * The fact that their product has widespread use * ...read more.


Benetton did not make any contribution to any aid's charities or to the man featured in it's family and refused to comment on whether they had asked the family's permission. The advertisement would have been possibly considered acceptable had it been made to promote the awareness of aid's by a charity, but it was used purely for shock value so the consumer remembers the vendor's name. Its use is very distasteful and uncalled for. Another example of the misuse of advertising include an advertisement for Land Rover which features a bare-breasted African bush-woman whose breast's are pulled sideways by the power of the passing vehicle. Complaints arose that it was 'racist and sexist'. The advertisement has yet again been digitally enhanced, and the inference is that the model featured had no idea that this would happen. Her facial expression is astonishment, which leads me to believe that the woman has never seen a car before. This inference by the Car Company is trying to portray this, and make us much more superior if we were to purchase the car. ...read more.


Although adverts can be very irrelevant and cause negative responses in ourselves, it would not only be implausible, but impossible to ban advertisements altogether. If it was banned then not only would thousands of people loose their jobs, people be unaware of technological advances but also the economy would probably collapse. It is a utopian concept that is physically unobtainable, as without it our lives would cease to function in the same way. It is my opinion that although advertisements can sometimes appal and upset us, they are necessary and a very valuable asset. Not only to the companies who want to sell more of their products, but also to us as the consumer as without it, how would we have sponsored events and know of the latest products on the market, which can help us with the way we live our fast paced lives? Without the use of advertising, things like the television, computer, Internet, even things such as disposable nappies may not be in such widespread use. The fact is, although many people would like to get rid of advertising, where would we be without it? ...read more.

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