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A Comparison between the film of the Scarlet Tunic and the Melancholy Hussar of the German Legion by Thomas Hardy

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A Comparison between the film of the Scarlet Tunic and the Melancholy Hussar of the German Legion by Thomas Hardy The main change in the film to the short story is how they had changed the ending of the story to something completely different, changing the effect of the end. Instead of living to tell the story of her tragedy as said in the short story, the film made it so Phyllis ended up being shot with Matthaus; therefore the story was not told by her (since she was dead) but a narrator. In the social background of the film it shows how the soldiers were prepared to fight to reclaim land or die in the process. In the short story it says how Phyllis had no social life and her father was not a good doctor. The short story gave an impression that Phyllis and her father not well off but neither poor, but in the film it was shown that she was well off and her and her father were highly respected people. The character of her father, Mr Grove, was shown as a patient caring man in the film; where as in the short story it portrayed him as a demanding man with no consideration for his daughter. In the story Mr Grove was only brought in when it was describing Phyllis and what he was telling her to do, but in the film he had his own leading role and a separate story along with Phyllis', and Matthaus' brother, Christophe. ...read more.


In the short story her father, Mr Parson, also had a minor role in the film. Mr Parson was mentioned in the short story and the film. It showed him telling Mr Grove that it was rumoured Mr Gould had another woman. In the film it gave a small part to the soldiers Matthaus was with, where in the book nothing was said about them. The soldiers cause Matthaus a lot of problems but obviously care for one another. It portrayed them more as brothers and how they looked after each others well being. In the film it is better to have many more characters with their story lines, because unlike the short story, you can't make up the other characters and you have to be shown how they are like. If there was only 2 main characters the film would have been boring, but in the short story it was ok since it took less time to read than watching the film, giving you less time to get bored. Mr Humphrey Gould's part in the film was nearly the same as it was in the short story. In both he is engaged to be married to Phyllis. It was Mr Gould who had told the commander that Matthaus and his comrades were trying to flee the army, again changing the end of the short story. ...read more.


We learn about the appearances of the characters in the film by the way they are dressed, the way the talk and act, and the way they are treated. The setting in the short story was not very detailed and left a lot to the imagination. In the short story it describes how Phyllis' house was near the soldiers as in the film, but there was a wall blocking her from the soldiers, whereas is the film there wasn't. There were a lot of field and hills shown in the film. Also the house was not on a hill as imagined in the short story. I do not think this had much effect on the story. The music in the film related to the scenes. Trumpets and drums and other "royal" instrument were used to give a good musical piece for the soldiers. Where as when ever a scene between Matthaus and Phyllis occurred, romantic music would be played. It influences the way the story is told because it gives tension to the film and sets the scene. The camera had mostly close up shots, to show the expression on the faces of the character, so you would know what they were thinking without them saying it. There were not many long shots for most of the scenes were 2 people so there was no need for them. The camera shots stayed on the same shot for quite along time, so you could focus on something without them moving the camera all the time. ?? ?? ?? ?? Shilan Raza 10.2 ...read more.

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