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A comparison between the seductress and the Peugeot 306 and the role of the women.

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A comparison between the seductress and the Peugeot 306 and the role of the women. The media uses adverts to make the general public aspire to something. Often adverts make you want something you never thought you'd want. The advertisers technique is to make you remember their advert. The method they use is sometimes by creating a shocking advert or by using fantasy. Fantasy is a good way of making people who live reality want a different more exciting and unusual life. The advertisers job is to sell a product. If a person remembers their advert the advertiser has therefore done its job. Most people aspire to not just the product but also the setting the product is in. For example if the advertiser is selling a car and the owners of the car are a family that seem to have the sort of life that any ordinary family would aspire to. Maybe the mother is quite attractive not stunning but attractive which then should attract a middle-aged women with kids that wants to look like this stereotyped family. The public might think that this perfect family have this car and maybe if we have the same car we would be on the first step for being like them, this of course isn't true but the public can be easily tricked. ...read more.


There is no third person in the car. Both of these adverts contain some sort of subliminal messages. Some of these subliminal messages are about sex. Advertisers use subliminal messages cleverly. One way they use them is for your mind to see something in the advert that makes you suddenly want what they are trying to sell without you even knowing it. The Peugeot 306 has many subliminal messages; an example of this is when the dad is washing the car there is a camera shot of his groin through the car window with soap running down. This isn't something people would pick out as something subliminal but it does subconsciously do what the advertiser wants. From this subliminal message the advertiser is hoping that maybe this will attract some women into buying this car. Another reason is it help set the mood that the advert is creating, little things like that help the advert be successful. It also means because it is subliminal the advert can be shown any time of the day without having to avoid children seeing it. Subliminal messages have to be quick so that there not noticed as something abnormal. ...read more.


The car is also accused of luring him into the car 'the rich velour seats enticed me' All of this suggesting he is being seduced by a women even though it's a car and a car is nothing like a women yet men still get attracted by this sort of advert. It's the image given which is very important in advertising. Products are often sold on the basis of the image the advertisers can create for them, rather than what they actually are. Cars are one of the most common targets for this kind of image-creation. I do think that ways advertisers advertise their product are very sly and so many tricks are used. In some films you might see a bottle of Pepsi in the background and you will suddenly become thirsty not knowing why and it's because subliminally you have been tricked with another way of advertisement. Many lies are also told to convince people to buy something. Both 'The Seductress' and the Peugeot 306 adverts prove in very different but also very similar ways the slyness of the media. The role of women is often abused when aiming for men; its very disturbing that in the past and even presently it has worked. ...read more.

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