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A Comparison Between Two Mobile Phone Advertisements

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Analysing Advertisements - English Coursework A Comparison Between Two Mobile Phone Advertisements Advertising has been one of the most outstanding ways of making money and introducing or boosting the sales of a particular product or service. With the growing competition today manufacturers make a stupendous contribution to the advertising industry to maintain their survival and reputation in the market. Advertising has created an enormously gigantic industry today. An average of more than thirty percent of profit of a company is spent on advertising. In today's world advertisement has a huge impression on the consumers market. Nearly everywhere we will see the placement of different advertisement, some on buses, magazines, newspapers and television. Every advertisement depends on a number of characteristics particularly the type of media to be involved, newspaper or magazine or even television. An advertiser needs to be aware of his target in the society (age group, gender etc.), and how to approach them. They also need to find a way to motivate the target group; this is done by the use of enticing words, neologisms, humour and puns, imperatives etc. ...read more.


Hence if the consumer is attracted to one of these phones he will have to contact the service provider and so they will get another chance to market their product. This is a great example of how advertisers use their tactics in reinforcing their motives. The variety of mobiles in the advert and the specifications under each mobile makes things easier for the consumer as the information is provided in the advertisement itself. This brings a good effect on the punter. The advertisement relieves exhilarating information which may be or not in the knowledge of the consumer but will establish a link of professionalism unto the consumer; hence this will produce a blind faith in the service provider or manufacturer. Whilst the 'Philips Advert' contains highly linguistic features, these features capture our eye and imagination. The layout is highly aesthetic and eye catching. It has the mobile phone (the product) in the middle whereas a number of eyes staring at it around it. ...read more.


They have used mostly all the tactics in the book to get their product in the market, from the usage of language to the use of enticing words. They have provided full information on when and how they can be contacted. In the Philips advert the image has been more emphasised to portray the product than language. They have provided a small caption in which more of scientific words such as GPRS, navigation, activation etc have been used. Such words are designed and introduced in the advert to commence a more sound and advanced level. Even the slogan selected has been bought in a more classic and professional manner. Hence we can say each advert has its similarities and differences but has the same objective of selling their product. The 'Smalltalk advert' is based more on a technical manner but lacks the touch of professionalism and releases the data raw. Whereas the Philips advert holds a very distinguished and professional outlook. Hence we can see each advert have their possible positive and negative effects on the consumer. Raj Nathwani Page 1 02/05/07 ...read more.

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