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6:30 Am. my first alarm goes off; the reason why I said my first alarm is because, in order to get myself out of bed I require the combined effort of about three alarms. Usually after the third alarm I am up and out of bed, feeling as tired as ever and drained of life. Although sometimes I may just stay in bed where I usually fall asleep again; if I do fall asleep, I usually end up with the phone ringing with the people from the newsagents on the other end of phone telling me that I am late and that because I have three paper rounds I can not afford to be late. When I leave for my paper rounds I am usually dressed half in my school uniform and half dressed in whatever I can find in one minute. Although it sounds boring and undesirable I actually enjoy my paper rounds; the reason why I enjoy my rounds, it give me time for, peace, quiet, ...read more.


I think most lessons are acceptable, I like some and well the rest of them are usually unbearable, were the law of physics change so that time slows down just to make my life more intolerable. I quite like lessons where the teacher is away, because the replacement teacher rarely realises that the classroom is in a dire state and is quiet pleased to have a long conversation, that fortunately last about one hour which just happens to be the length of the entire lesson. In the small recess of freedom within the school walls which some people would sometimes refer to as lunch time I would either go home for lunch because it is my year eleven privilege or I would go into Mr Weeks' music room and practise trombone with him and Josh or perhaps sometime if the weather was okay and I was not tired from doing some homework until the early hours in the morning the next day I might play football or 'wall ball' with Paul and the others. ...read more.


I get to bed at times more like 11:30 Pm or later. The reason why I usually get to bed at such times is because there would be something good on television or that I have lots of homework or coursework for the next day. Once I have finished that I retire to my bed. The later the time I go to bed the more I appreciate it. I always follow the same pattern when I am in bed, I would set my sound system to repeat my favourite song and then turn it's self off after half an hour. Then once I had set that I would lay there and think about whatever finds its way into my head. The most common thought I usually have is what job I might do when I get older and all the things I hope to achieve. I know that what ever scenario I think of, I will never get round to it but at least it's a nice thing to think about which I like to think about for as long as I can. ...read more.

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