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A Detailed Comparison Between Tabloid And Broadsheet Newspapers

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A Detailed Comparison Between Tabloid And Broadsheet Newspapers In the last century, English newspapers have been categorized into two main groups: Tabloids and Broadsheets. The Telegraph and The sun are the most popular Tabloids and Broadsheets. Hollinger International owns the Telegraph while the media tycoon Rupert Murdoch owns the Sun, The Times and The BSkyB Television network. These papers are perfect examples of British newspapers. They both support the Conservative Party, although The Sun does tend to sway, but always comes back to The Tories point of view. Even though they share the same political view. They have very different layout and content. One of the first differences a reader notices about these two Tabloids and Broadsheets is their size. The word "Tabloid" comes from the French meaning tablet, Tablo; Broadsheets explain themselves. The second thing that, as a reader, you would notice is the different count of words on each front page. ...read more.


These all contribute to the newspapers target audience. The Telegraph's target audience is quite different from The Sun's. The Telegraph's content differs from The Sun's, as it has it almost sixteen times as much business news and information than The Sun; Also The Telegraph has a separate supplement for the sport. Another reason these two newspapers are so different is the use of the English language. The Sun uses more slang and common terms while The Telegraph uses more complex and sophisticated, all this evidence points to the conclusion that The Telegraphs target audience is middle class, businessmen and women. The layout of the front page also explains a lot about the general content of the paper. For example in The Sun the front page is about one main story and a big photograph takes up the space advertising one other story. The Sun's Masthead is very prominent and makes the paper recognisable contains the price, date and the website. ...read more.


All together there are twenty pages of pure advertising in The Sun. The Telegraph on the other hand only has five pages of advertising. These adverts are specifically for the target audience, for example they are advertising Laptops, for businessmen and expensive, executive cars and luxury holidays to the Caribbean. To conclude both of these papers are stereotypical newspapers that share the same political stance but cater for different people. The Sun is more for the working class men and The Telegraph is written for the Middle class businessmen and women. They have different content as well, for instance the Telegraph is filled with business news and information while The Sun is has got less business news and more semi-naked women. Also the sun has more advertisements and pictures. The Telegraph has less adverts, but it is a much more text-based paper. The size is also very specific for these papers, although now The Telegraph has now been printed in the size of a tabloid. Jonathan Pearson 10L ?? ?? ?? ?? Jonathan Pearson 16th October 2003 ...read more.

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