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A single frame syntagmatic image for a Natrel Plus advert

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Kayleigh Horne 12N 17th October 2002 Natrel Plus I have been presented with a single frame syntagmatic image for a Natrel Plus advert. It has been encoded so it can represent a preferred meaning and so is possible to decode and fragment it into several meanings. These consist of denotation, connotation, arbitrary and the paradigmatic choices contained within the ad. I will also be looking at anchorage, saying how the text makes the image what it is and the iconic, symbolic and indexical signs shown in the image. The preferred meaning of this advert is that Natrel Plus deodorant lasts at high temperatures. The letter also gives the meaning out very clear as it is from his sister whose informing him of this new deodorant. She is basically saying if he wears the deodorant and flies to close to the sun it will keep him cool and he will therefore not die. The denotative aspects of the image are a yellow ball representing the sun on a red background. ...read more.


The feathers appear to be burnt or possibly on fire which would explain why the man has a skeletal arm. He is positioned close to the sun and appears to have been trying to fly which leads us to the myth of Icarus, the name on the parchment being a big clue. In this myth Icarus made wings out of feathers and wax and tried to fly, he then flew to close to the sun where the wax melted and he fell to his death in the ocean. The colours used in this ad give you the feeling that you are in hell as red and yellow are associated with heat and the devil. The entire image appears to be on fire especially as the parchment has been singed. It could be said that Icarus was trying to be a part of heaven as we can associate the feathers with angels. Icarus falling may be telling us that he's been rejected from heaven and falling to the depths of hell. ...read more.


The feathers are an indexical sign to birds, which gives us the image that Icarus definitely was attempting to fly. The only anchorage used in this advertisement is written in the form of a letter. It is being straightforward with you telling you directly what the product does rather than putting a caption with a meaning behind it where you have to decode it. The paradigmatic choices within the image are the chosen time of day. Though it cannot be determined whether it is dusk or dawn it is known that it is either one of these. Other choices that are made in this text are the chosen era. We can tell by the intense heat that is given off from the image and the way there are rocks protruding from the ocean that it is not of our time. It has a more prehistoric feel, which would fit in with the myth of Icarus. The myth is another choice made in this advert. They have used the image of Icarus falling to portray that if he used the deodorant then his flying attempt would not have ended the way it did. ...read more.

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