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A Study of Media Advertising consider why the two Levi's adverts are both successful

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Media Assignment- A Study of Media Advertising consider why the two Levi's adverts are both successful Advertising, is a way of increasing the sales of a company, using subtle tactics to provoke the audience into buying the product. The more closely we analyse advertising styles it becomes apparent they do not only set out to sell a product, but an image and lifestyle as well. By stimulating the audience's fascination with sexuality they can be excited by a product without even realising it. A good example of this is Levi's. Levi's runs a very successful advertising campaign, unrivalled since 1853. L�vi Strauss, a French anthropologist came to San Francisco and invented Levi's. The jeans he sold were originally workman's jeans from Western America, which soon became a fashion item. Five generations from all global cultures have worn Levi's jeans as a symbol of freedom and integrity in the face of adversity, challenge and social change. They have been noted for their expensive, individual image and their button flies, also by selling the 'classic' 501 the jeans seem more traditional and irresistible. Adverts reflect the time they're produced in, their value and society. ...read more.


The subtext, like most adverts today, is sex, projected in a very tactile and sensually tangible way. Although the adverts are very varied, some of the ideology is very similar, for instance 'if you are in Levi's you are in control of your body'. Both adverts are about Levi's giving victim power. Levi's adverts are also incredibly suggestive, provoking thoughts and feelings of a sexual nature. The two Levi's adverts have more differences than similarities. The terminology in ad.1 has much slower editing (26 edits) than in ad.2 (52 edits). The camera work used in ad.2 is much more sophisticated e.g. long shot through door framing a girl. It also uses tilt-quite a modern technique, and reinforcements. Ad.1 has much simpler terminology and shows a recurring shot on the button up flies that ad.2 does not do. The colour use in ad.1 is very contemporary, bright blues and reds. The only thing, which is dull, is the old man not wearing Levi's. He is made to look humiliated because he is 'ugly' without Levi's. ...read more.


Ad.1 is lively, humorous and mischievous. There is a friendly, relaxed feeling. Levi's ad.1 is very Western American; it has no black people. Ad.2 is especially modern and it shows people from all cultures. What I find amazing, is the way that two adverts can both be so incompatible, yet so successful. Success, in Levi's case, is when a certain amount of fame, wealth or power is attained. The two adverts I am studying must be successful otherwise I wouldn't be studying them. There is so much information in such a short period of time, but we are still infatuated by its music, colour, humour and attractiveness. The adverts that make me laugh or make me cry are the most memorable ones because I relate to them well. If an advert captures the audiences' imagination, they will be a success. I really like these adverts, the more I watched, and the more I understood. They portray an image of real life in two different ways, which I find fascinating. The image of expense and dominance excels a controlling atmosphere. The adverts are all about love and lust, individuality and fantasy. By Ruth Knox 10DW 16/10/02 ...read more.

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