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Advanced Marketing Assignment

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Advanced Marketing Assignment "Identify the message elements of one of the communications suggested in your group presentation. Discuss the possible effect the symbols used have on the audiences and explain why and how you used those specific symbols" St Tropez Tanning Essentials are a long established American company setting the standards of prestigious self-tanning products in a $4 billion dollar market. Our presentation analysed the companies' current communication situation as well as the brands strengths and weaknesses. As a group, we illustrated a potential marketing strategy that could be adopted, using a variety of communications, to achieve an integrated marketing approach to further enhance the St Tropez brand. This essay looks to explore the effect of symbols used in a "glossy" magazine (e.g. Cosmopolitan) advertisement and to justify the reasoning behind the use of them. The proposed advert itself is to be of a bronzed Victoria Beckham (implying use of the product), sitting in an office at her desk, in a deck chair, wearing a bikini. Out of her window, a view depicting a city in the UK, as it rains, while she re-applies her St.Tropez tanning mousse from the bottle. ...read more.


It is the intention to make the audience think that the same results can be achieved in an indoor environment as sitting out in the sun, hence the poor weather seen out of the window. The office environment also promotes the product to our aforementioned desired target market. Having the model re-apply the product uses the product as a symbol and illustrating the St.Tropez bottle, allows the audience form an association with the advert and the product. This in turn hopefully ensures that they will recognise the product when out shopping and associate it with what is hopefully a successful advertising campaign. In our campaign, we felt that the colouring of the bottle could be changed from being black text on a white bottle, to a sand coloured base of the bottle and a sky blue body, with St. Tropez written in gold. This would depict a beach-like scene and leaves scope to promote and let the customer believe, that what they are purchasing is "sun in a bottle". It is also very important to use colours correctly for cross-cultural purposes. ...read more.


With the issue of skin cancer being constantly presented in today's news, the statement seeks to communicate the health benefits of the product re-emphasising the fact that you can get a tan, the same way you would by being on a beach, a lot more easily (no-mess application) and a lot more safely. On the whole, the field of Semiotics, defined by Pickton & Broderick (2001) as "the scientific discipline of studying the meanings associated with signs, symbols and brands" is an area of marketing, which is of great importance, especially in the world of advertising. As only 30% of communication uses words (Pickton & Broderick, 2001), the use of pictures and models, such as Victoria Beckham are of great importance in the thoughts, which they evoke from the audience. Our St. Tropez campaign was marketed to a UK audience; however, one must also remember the many cultural differences that are associated with certain symbols and as illustrated, colours too. Overall, I believe that with the symbols used in our campaign, we would be able to express and promote the benefits of the self-tanning product, keeping in line with the company's brand image to our target market, leaving scope for other products to be advertised in a similar fashion. ...read more.

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