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Advert Analysis.

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Jamie Buckler 10S Advert Analysis Advertising is the means by which a company or organisation sells a product or makes the public aware of it. Every element of visuals in an advert is vital to the public perception. People advertise because they have a new or improved product or lifestyle that they want the public to know about so they will go and buy whatever is being sold. An advertiser must take into account the audience they want their advert to appeal to and use different techniques to draw in different audiences. Radio advertisers have to base their adverts purely on sound and music. Magazine and newspaper advertisers use still pictures and text to grab readers's attention; big, colourful, bold adverts are the adverts most likely to catch the attention of a page-flicking reader. Obviously, the product being advertised will determine the audience that the advertisers want to draw in. The two adverts which I am going to analyse are an 'Orange' advert advertising a new service, and a 'DFS' advert advertising a new sofa collection. Firstly, the DFS advert. The first thing I notice about the advert is that it is completely black and white. These colours are used because the main product of the advert is a leather sofa and the black and white gives the advert a more elegant, classical look. ...read more.


Below the image there is more information about the product and the blurb. It says "special introductory price �698;" the fact that it is a special introductory price makes the reader think that the price will not be that low for very long and this is a good chance to get a high quality sofa, cheap. DFS will probably not even change the price of the sofa but because of what it says, people will think that they may have to pay a few hundred pounds more for the same sofa in a few months so going out and buying it as soon as possible is a good idea. In the blurb there is a lot of adjectives, such as "exciting new sofa collection, fantastic new range, stunning soft leathers..." Repeating words like this when describing the sofa gets it into the reader's head that this is a really excellent sofa that is worth buying. It also says "exclusive to DFS," this gives the idea that this is a special sofa collection and cannot be found anywhere else; readers may think that Linda Barker has designed this sofa collection especially for DFS because is the only sofa store good enough. "...but hurry, they won't be around for long" is also written in the blurb. ...read more.


The second part of the blurb is in smaller white text because the advertisers want it to not be read because it is just explaining what is required to have 66 seconds in a minute and it makes clear that only certain people can take part in this offer. The Orange logo is in the bottom right corner of the advert. It is put here because it will be the last thing you see before you turn over the page and it should stick in your mind; so if you happen to see a shop with that same logo outside you will remember the advert in which you saw that logo and it will tempt you to go inside and have a look. After analysing the two adverts it is obvious that the DFS advert uses many more advertising techniques, such as celebrity endorsement, size and positioning of text etc, to catch the reader's eye and draw them in to the advert. I think that the DFS advert is a better advert in the way it uses advertising techniques, but, I think the Orange advert would be more successful because it is something different that other services cannot offer, whereas sofas can be found in many, many different stores and people can look around to try and find better sofas at better prices. ...read more.

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