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Advert Analysis : Seat Ibiza, Fiat Punto and Lexus Motors.

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Advert Analysis By George Austin 10s In this essay I will be looking at three adverts promoting the purchase of cars. I believe that all of these adverts appeal to a niche audience, the prospective car buyer, as they are unlikely to stimulate an impulse purchase. The first advert I looked at was for Fiat Punto. The first shot you see is a long shot, which shows a very dirty car driving away from a volcano, which is erupting, the background sounds confirm this. The car appears to be travelling at a great speed. They are driving down a winding mountain road. The situation they are in is extremely unrealistic. The mountain has lava flowing down it. All of the colours are grey apart from the lava flow, which is a vivid orange. A front shot of the car shows the viewer that there are two indistinguishable silhouettes in the car. The volcano is erupting violently and the driver is showing some very skilful cornering to avoid falling debris. At the climax of the advert when the sky behind the car is completely grey, the car stops and a man and woman get out from the car, the woman from the driving side. ...read more.


I think women will be very happy to see this and it is a very feel good advert. The second advert I looked at was for the Seat Ibiza. It opens with a shot of a man driving a car through an old castle. It all looks quite medieval. It swerves to avoid a piece of garlic, which had fallen off the back of a horse drawn carriage. It goes into slow motion when it skids to avoid the garlic. The music is very gothic and peaks when the film slows down. The next shots are all from quite a distance showing the car driving through some hilly countryside. As he turns the corner there is a spinning crossroads road sign, which he power slides round. You then see a close up shot of his face, which looks extremely worried. The music calms down and the car pulls up. Another close up of his face reveals that he has vampire fangs and it becomes obvious why he was avoiding the garlic and 'cross' road sign. Then a female voiceover reads, "Good news for vampires, all Seat Ibizas have air conditioning instead of a sunroof." ...read more.


This shows that the car is well built and is good quality. He goes and knocks on the door and a middle-aged man answers. After an uneasy silence the boy gives the man a �5 note for the privilege of cleaning the car and cycles off. Like both of the other adverts it contains a twist at the end. I found it very fun to watch and sold the product very well. There's no music in this advert, just sound effects. This is a pleasant change and makes this more original and catches you attention. I think that the advert is aimed at the richer car buyer, as a wealthy looking man in a big house is shown as the owner of the car. A richer person would feel like they could relate to him. I don't think they could have improved the advert. All the adverts were very good, and had a twist in the tail. My personal favourite was the one for Lexus. I think it was well put together and easy to watch. The other two adverts were both good but could have been a bit shorter. The shorter adverts seemed to stay in my head and were easier to remember. ...read more.

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