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Advertisement comparison

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Kamran Ali 10.1 Coursework Year 10 Media Coursework We see advertising in every corner of the world, and get bombarded by hundreds of thousands of adverts wherever we go, whatever we do. Some adverts rely on the product alone; others try to exploit our subconscious fears. These things, plus the message that they convey, are important factors that make the product sell. These businesses use many forms of media, such as Radio, Television, Internet, Adverts, and salesmen. I have chosen 2 full page advertisements from glossy women's magazines. The first advertisement is from the Cosmopolitan Magazine, it a perfume ad from Burberry. The second advertisement is also a perfume advertisement, also from the Cosmopolitan Magazine. This advert is by the company Issey Miyake. Both of these adverts are perfume adverts, and show the product against dramatic lights in the background, which match the colours of the product, and yet subtle in look. Looking at the Burberry advertisement, you can see that the bottle is very "squarish", and the edges are defined strongly. The lettering below the bottle says "Burberry Brit", which shows the British influence. The bottle has a design on it, its 5 stripes, running across and down the bottle, perpendicular to each other. ...read more.


I think that this advert as a whole is really powerful, yet simply since it is showing that powerful, vibrant images can be imprinted on the mind with such a simple design. The way that the lighting is implemented is also really good, because from the top to the mid-bottom; its all white, then where the "false shadow" is shown, the sides (where the shadow shouldn't be) begin to show the colour pink; which in reality would not be there, so the way they have implemented this simple technique is really quite good. The second advertisement, Issey Miyake, is also a perfume advertisement. I personally like this one because the (again, but this time better implemented) lighting effects are good, and math the product. The bottle is made up of 3 shapes, a Sphere, A long Cone, and a circular base. This bottle basically looks like an extended cone, and is placed on a blue-ish pane of glass. The shape of his bottle is quite strange since you don't see many perfume bottles in this extended cone shape, and they have emphasised this by putting lights at the side so that there is light on only one side of the bottle, so the vertical lines are more obvious, making the bottle look very long. ...read more.


opinions on the product. A prime example is that on the Burberry one, it says "Live From London", but if you get rid of the opinion "Live" it just leaves it as "From London", which means that the product is made in London. But in the Issey Miyake advert it just says "Paris", which shows that the product is from Paris. o The Burberry product consists of a Square Bottle, and a Square Bottle Top, but the Issey Miyake product consists of 2 shapes, a Sphere and Flattened Cone for the Bottle Top, and a Flattened Cone for the Bottle. This is perhaps to show that the Issey Miyake perfume is more diverse, and caters for more people, since different people like different shapes. But the Burberry Bottle is simply heavily biased towards the Square design. Perhaps this is to show that they follow their own standard, so people will have to bend towards "their" standars (in this case, the product is so good, that people will have to compare with the product, not compare the product.), which gives the product a more "superior feel." This concludes my Essay on "Media" for English. I hope that you enjoyed reading my essay. Kamran Ali 8/01/2004 - 1 - ...read more.

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