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Advertisement is a big business. Advertisement is what makes us decide what we buy, even though our friends or family tells us about the product or buys it they still where under the influence of advertisement.

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English Media Assignment Advertisement is a big business. Advertisement is what makes us decide what we buy, even though our friends or family tells us about the product or buys it they still where under the influence of advertisement. Advertisement helps the big companies sell there products and this can be shown in different ways such as television millions of adverts are shown on television and these give us a visual on the advertised product and also gives us sound which sets the mood of the type of product plus we can hear the voice if there is one to tell us all the unique advantages. Companies also use radio advertisement, which is meant to be four times more effective, then other advertisement and finally there picture advertisement, which is shown on billboards posters on buses and other places. I have chosen three adverts for this assignment and these are the Renault scenic advert which basically says that there isn't a perfect family or group of people for this car this advert is a humorous advert, there's the Connexions advert which tells us that every one wants you to listen to them but no one wants to listen to you so they say lets talk about you this advert is an empathetic advert. There is the third advert and that is the Burger King one where the tourist are going site seeing and the driver takes them ...read more.


or this can happen at any time or place One of the second most important aspects of advertising would be framing because if you were advertising shampoo you wouldn't use a very long shot of that person it would a close up or medium shot. The Renault scenic advert uses several shots such as long shots, a land scape, medium shots, close ups and even an extreme close up where as the Burger King advert only uses shots like very long shots when there at the monumental sites and a medium shot when inside the bus and a medium long shot when arriving at the burger king restaurant. The Connexions advert uses lots of camera shots and framing, these shots being medium shots and medium close ups these have been put like this to make it look like the viewer is the one being told of and told to listen and on top off that they use a low angle shot to make the viewer the small and making the parent or the person telling us off the dominant one. The third most important aspect of advertising is editing this is the effects and special effects used to make the advert look better or say that now is the time to take the next step up in technology. ...read more.


The Burger King advert has a Texas style chorus when arriving at the Burger King restaurant and the Connexions advert doesn't use any music because you wouldn't really have any in the back round when you are being told of. A lot of adverts use certain graphics or logos like the Burger King advert uses a slogan from there logo which is 'got the Urge, go to Burger King' and it has fire flaming at the bottom of the screen advertising the new flamin' Whopper. The Connexions advert uses the slogan 'lets talk about you' and the Renault scenic advert has the slogan 'change your scenery' and there logo Creature der Automobiles. The advert which worked most successfully the Connexions advert as it was just straight forward and easy to understand and it points out 'yes, if you are getting nagged and never get a chance to say anything then we will listen to you' and the editing with all the voices perfectly merged together was pretty impressive. The Burger King advert comes next as it was to a simple advert just saying there no time for anything except for the new flamed grilled flamin' Whopper for just �1.99. these two advert worked well because they where both aimed at any age group where the Renault scenic advert was basically aimed at twenty year people and ...read more.

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