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Advertising coursework Introduction 29/06/05 Advertising is a way of bringing information to people. Some adverts inform people about meeting or event's. However, most advertising is from companies that make goods or provide services, telling people about thing they have to offer. We have advertising because we need to sell product as well as companies want to make money and people want to know what products are available to buy. In advertisement many companies go in a competition. People advertise using posters in the street. By putting notices in newspapers, and by short films (commercials) on the television. Much advertising is by direct mail (letters sent to people homes) and often includes details of competitions and free offers. The first advert is called blue. It denotes attractive woman and a perfume, the perfume is blue as well as the background. The second advert is called Stella. It relaxed but also shows the perfume, the background is purple as well as the perfume. By comparing the two denotations, it denotes that the first denotation is an attractive woman with a blue perfume. ...read more.


When the adverts are selling the product they use beautiful models. But there are some perfume products that sell themselves. The blue perfume is a close-up as well as the model in the advert, while the Stella perfume is taken from an acute angle and the camera angle is taken from an acute direction. It is very important because the blue perfume is a close-up as well as the model in the advert and this makes it stand out and makes it clear. On the other hand the other advert is a Stella perfume which the camera angle. And the camera angle is taken from an acute angle. It does seem insignificant to compare to adverts because you might want to tell the different for the adverts. The blues perfume is a direct camera shot. The camera pointing for the blue perfume is taken from a directed photo, and the Stella perfume is taking from a directed photo. This might be because the photograph wants a clears shot so it will look clear on the advert. ...read more.


it persuades people by using the colour codes, the image of the woman (as well as the advert). The other blue perfume persuades people to buy the colour codes and the background of the perfume, and the shaped and the smoothness of the perfume as well as the large image of the woman and how the woman in advert is dressed and her body language in the advert. Both adverts are successful because the advertiser is using a lot of technique in the adverts. They use different colour codes in their adverts, they uses different large and small images in their adverts. The one I would mostly like to be interested in is the Stella perfume because the adverts connotes that if you use this perfume you will feel relaxed and more comfortable. In conclusion both adverts were successful as well as the product, the advertiser used different technique in the both advertiser used different colour as well as pictures of perfumes. Therefore the advertiser was very successful in both adverts, and finally, I think people will buy both product and will be very happy. ?? ?? ?? ?? Abdulaziz Omar 10ED Advertising coursework ...read more.

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