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Advertising and Marketing Assignment

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Advertising and Marketing Assignment Product= Cars 1st Brand Marks and Spencer's Magazine - Peugeot 807 2nd Brand OK Magazine - Ford StreetKa I have chosen to analyse two advertisements which advertise a Peugeot 807 and a Ford Streetka, the two adverts are aimed at two very different categories this is mainly due to the magazines in which they were found. The function of the first advertisement is to sell the Peugeot 807 to the correct target audience which is families. The advert its self is unique and doesn't reflect any other media or text. Although it is a very simple advert and reflects everyday life it could have been adapted from another advert. I understand the advert by the narrative used. The advertisers have used narrative in this advert to allow their audience to understand the full meaning of the advert. The narrative in which they have used is anti narrative they have compared past experiences to the future experience for example they have compared technology and then have written the text in a format of face to face conversation. This makes the advert feel unique to the person reading it and also gets them involved in the advert. ...read more.


The child sitting in the advert also reflects the family situation. He could also reflect that as he isn't in the car he is fed up as he has nothing to do, due to the fact that the car has a DVD player and is comfortable. The advertisers are making a suggestion that the car can also be entertaining to the children and doesn't have to be a boring journey compared to the past journeys in which all families have experienced. The advert is very obvious to whom it is directed at due to the images and the humour in which the advertisers have included in the advertisement. The target audience for this advert is families and the iconography plays a major part in selling the Peugeot 807. The typeface which has been used in the advert is very plain; the font which has been used is either Times New Roman or Arial, two very plain and original fonts. The size of the writing depends on how important it is to the readers. The two main headings on the advert are bold and are in capital letters to stand out more. ...read more.


From what I have suggested above I can conclude that the advertisers are aiming this advert at over 21's and mainly females. The advertisers who made this advert have put an incentive on the page for over 21's by saying they will get 1 year's free insurance if they purchase this Streetka Luxury. The OK magazine in which I took the advert out of is for women aged seventeen years plus. The advert was suitable for this magazine due to the fact that the target audience is woman and that the age of the purchaser is early twenties. Both adverts advertise cars but have different markets and where in completely different magazine. The Ok Magazine is aimed at seventeen plus and the Marks and Spencer's magazine is targeted at those who either have a family or those who are forty plus. Both adverts were advertised in completely different ways, but they still appealed to a wide range of people, although the Streetka was gender specific this could mean that more effort and time had to be taken into consideration as they are cutting the amount of purchasers. So the advert had to be more visually interesting and more suited to females. ...read more.

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