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Advertising Assignment.

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Advertising Assignment The first advert I'm studying is "Ivory Soap" from the past. It was from around the 1950 s. The target audience is housewives and mothers around the ages of 25- 50. In the advert the women are at a summer university learning about baby care. Nora said, "He was right". Meaning that the teacher was right when he said that, the only beauty secret as regular cleansing with Ivory Soap. She also said what about older woman using the soap? And the answer - anyone can because of how pure and mild the soap is on the skin. The message that comes across about woman is they are obviously there to look after the babies and care of the men, and of course to look after the home. ...read more.


If the baby were a girl in the advertisement it would probably make the advert seem less relevant. At the time woman would maybe just of taken it in that men were more important than them an so here job was to bring up the babies and care for the men. I think they would probably want to go out and learn for themselves about caring for babies and also maybe they wanted to become more independent. Today woman have much more rights and power so they would say that this advert is very sexist and they would say they are just as important as men if not more. The second advert that I am studying is a recent Tesco advert from the television. ...read more.


He cannot understand what the man is trying to say and easily gets confused. The mother in law then comes along and straitens out the situation straight away. The mother in laws role in the advert is almost exact to what real mother in laws are like. She is very picky and pointless by taking a suitcase full off Tesco products to go on holiday. The role in all of the Tesco adverts are the exact same for the mother in law (grandparent) she always get what she wants and is lazy and very devoted to having everything made by Tesco. In all of the Tesco adverts I think that they are trying to put the adverts like what its like for the viewers watching. So when they see it they either laugh or think "oh yeah" that's happened to me before. Therefore becoming more interested in the product. Edward Sloan ...read more.

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