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Advertising Assignment

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Advertising Assignment Advertisements are produceed to help sell a product and to make it known. You can see advertisements in magazines, on television, in the newspaper, they come through the post and on billboards. In my essay i intend to find the differences and similarities between a mens fragrance and a fragrance aimed at women. The men's fragrance is not a new product it is a limited edition fragrance. the product aimed at the women is a completely new product. I chose these two products because i was interested in the different ways the same product would be advertised to men and women. In the mens product "Lynx", there is a picture of the deodrant and shower gel in the bottom right-hand corner, it is a dark blue shower gel bottle with the brand name on it. The deodrant is overlapping the shower gel, the deodrant can is half dark blue and half lighter blue as it gets to the bottom. Next to the product the product name is in dark blue and is in quite small print. ...read more.


It also has a diamant� heart pendant overlapping the left bottle. The bottle on the right is dark pink, small and round with a round lid, it has "still" writtin in bold on it with "jennifer lopez" in italic underneath. The diamant� heart pendant has a shiny glitter in it to show wealth and high class this is trying to connote that if you wear the perfume you would be high class and important. The dark pink fading as it gets lower down the page is to make your eyes follow the fading colour to attract your attention to the perfume bottles. The black writting against light background is also used to atract your attention. The "Lynx" fragrance advertisement has a comical side to it snd it is an informal asvert because of the two hills with trees on top to represent womens breasts. The type of words used in this advertisement are short and simple, with no soecific area of use. There is just one short sentance on the advert which is straight to the point "GET FRESH". ...read more.


There is no rhyme to the words and no repetition of sounds. The style of the lettering is large and very eye catching. I think the advertisers have chosen a serious way to advertise the product because it is aimed at older women. Thats the reason they have chosen words like perchase instead of buy and fragrance instead of scent. The use of "YOUR FREE DIAMANT� HEART PENDANT" is written in capitals to catch your attention and to make you think that you are going to get something for free, but you still av to spend at least �25 on the fragrance before you get the free gift. I think the "Lynx" fragrance advert is more effective because it has less text to read then the "J Lo" advert, so if someone is passing by in a car or walking they would not be able to read ll the text in the "J Lo" advert and would not get the message the advert is trying to put across, where as in the "Lynx" advert it is straight to the point with just a few words and a picture. ...read more.

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