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Advertising at Coca Cola.

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GSCE Advertising Coursework Advertising is when a company tries to make their product appeal to people, therefore increasing their sales. You can find advertisements everywhere on the television, radio, in magazines, newspapers, on billboards and even on the Internet. Advertisers use a variety of different techniques to make the product appeal to an audience. They use colour in adverts to make a point and make the product recognisable. For example a lot of car adverts have dark colours and are set at night to give the impression that the car is safe to drive in poor visibility. The Coca Cola company always use red and white so you know what product you are buying and you will always recognize the label because the colours are plain and bold. You probably wont need to read the label because you will see the colours, and everything associated with Coca Cola is always red and white. Another technique used by advertisers is showing a representation of who you would like to be. They are trying to say that if you use their product you will turn out like the person advertising the product. For example whenever L'Oreal advertises their products they always have a slim, longhaired, pretty girl with perfect hair. A lot of shampoo adverts also use advanced scientific language to make the product look superior and to make people think that the product is good for us. ...read more.


For example in the 'Bisto' advert there is a little girl smelling the product smiling and saying 'ahh Bisto'. Advertisements appeal to our concerns, for example 'sure' deodorant adverts make out that if you don't use their product you will end up the smelliest person in the country. They do this by making the people that are using their product happy, fresh and confident and the people that are not, sad, smelly and socially unacceptable. This makes us think that we are not as good as others and we need to improve by buying the product. Another common technique used by advertisers is to compare two different people one that is using the product being advertised, who is usually happy, pretty and enjoying themselves. The other person will be using something else and will look sad, disappointed and lonely. We all obviously prefer to be the happier person so we buy the product. Adverts have to appeal to a certain audience for their products to be sold. Companies have to schedule their adverts at the best time they think their target audience will be watching. For example you will mainly find toy adverts on in between childrens' programmes because the toy adverts are aimed at children and they are the one's who will be watching the television at that time. Although the children aren't the one's who would buy the product, their parent's would, advertisers have to make them appeal to parents too so a lot of adverts make out the product is good for your child or healthy or educational and will keep them busy for hours. ...read more.


There are so many places in the media to advertise. I think the most powerful place to advertise is on the television because you can see and hear everything and everything is in motion like in real life and not still like in posters or magazines. People can relate to it and are more likely to pay attention to them. I think one of the worst places to advertise would be on the radio because we can't see what the product looks like or what colour it is so we wouldn't recognize it in a shop. Public transport is also a good place to put up adverts because people travelling would look and see their surroundings making advertising more cost effective. But on the other hand you couldn't reach a target audience on the tube because of the diversity of people. Advertising is a good way to inform people what is available to buy and if there where no adverts we wouldn't know what to buy or we would end up buying the same products and not trying anything different. But on the other hand adverts can encourage us to buy things that we don't need because they make the product look or sound really good and a lot of the time the product isn't as good as advertisements make them out to be. For example 'Oil of Olay' face cream claims it can give you younger looking skin which would appeal to a society which places great importance on youth. Stacey palmer. ...read more.

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