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Advertising for golf drivers.

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ADVERTISING Advertising is a form of selling. For thousands of years there have been individuals who have tried to persuade others to buy the food they have produced, the goods they have made or the services they can perform. The objective of any advertisement is to convince people that it is in their best interests to take the action the advertiser is recommending. The action may be to purchase a product, go to a showroom to try the product, use a service, vote for a political candidate, make a contribution or even join the Army. Like any sales person, the advertisement tries to persuade. The form of advertising in the following essay is based on magazine adverts. Advertisements always contain a message or idea they want others to take in which can be expressed in words, pictures, music or jingles. It is often the jingles people remember from television, as they are often 'catchy' tunes. The theory being that when you are in the shop wondering which product to buy you may remember the jingle, containing the brand name being promoted, and choose it before others. Advertisements have a purpose, which is to inform or influence the people they are aimed at- the target audience. This audience will vary according to what is being advertised and the advert will be designed to attract this particular group of people. ...read more.


They are often repeated several times in one evening to reinforce the message and audiences that can easily be targeted. For example, children's toys are advertised in the late afternoon or early evening when children are in front of the television. The big disadvantage of television is that it is very expensive. Adverts also appear outdoors on walls, bus shelters, busses and the underground etc. The message must be clear and short as the reader is probably on the move, slogans become popular. An example of this is Heineken- 'reaches the parts that other beers can't' and 'Guinness is good for you!' Some of these techniques are used in the two magazine adverts I have chosen. The first advert is for golf drivers. The target audience for this is obvious, people interested in golf, the advertisment is from a golf magazine. The colours might be thought boring by some people as it is mostly shades of grey and silver but this is t make you think about metal especially titanium. This is reinforced by the 'liquid' writing of the heading suggesting pure, expensive titanium metal. Attention is to be drawn to the shape and smoothness of the clubs. There is a lot of information, which could be considered boring, but the sophisticated golfer reading this magazine needs to be impressed by the technical details given. ...read more.


Unlike the last advertisment, this has very little information but tells you all that is necessary. Ginger is known to be warming and would make you 'glow inside' and lemon has a 'citrus' tang.' The writing has been carefully arranged to 'catch the eye' as it draws your attention to the centre of the page. 'Tang' stands out as it is written in orange on the yellow background. An additional feature, not immediately obvious, is the cup handle further down the 'sparkler' which reinforces that it is a cup of tea, and gives added interest to the advert. The Twinings name is prominent, black writing in block letters on the yellow/orange background and all the information needed on a definite stripe across the bottom of the advert, the Twinings website for additional information and the brand name. Having looked at both adverts, I feel that the Twinings one is more 'powerful' in the way of colour and first impressions, with the sparkler and the brightness. The Titleist advert would stand out to the golfer reading the magazine, 'serious clubs for serious golfers' as he/she would think that in order to be a serious golfer you have to buy this club. So overall both adverts are unique in their own way. There will always be a place for advertising, be it in a magazine or the side of a car, as there will always be those who can be influenced by these tactics. Karl Jackson ...read more.

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