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Advertising in fashion and beauty magazines.

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Media Studies Corsework The type of magazine I would like my advert to appear in is fashion and beauty magazines. I would like to see my advert in these types of magazines because I think that these are the sorts of magazines people who would be interested in my product would read. The target audience for my product are female, teenagers and young adults. I have chosen these people as my target audience because I think they would be interested in fashion, beauty and having a good appearance. I have chosen to use brightly coloured lips because I think they attract attention to my advert. I also think that the simplicity of them is good because their eyecatching but effective. The colour scheme is also quite bright and bold as I have used a brightly coloured image in contrast to black and white writing.. ...read more.


I think the logo and company name are simple and easily recognisible and the product name draws attention and conveys that you wil have an extreme pout. I also think that the slogan Xtreme Colour, Xtreme Shine, Xtreme Pout is catchy but not irratating. It also advertises the main good points of the product, colour, shine and fullness. I think the layout is good as it shows a picture of the product to the right, the image of the lips on the left and the company name at the top. I think that having the website address slightly smaller under the company name is a good idea as people are going to look at the company name at the top as it is big and bold and see the website address underneath. I also think that having the 'Xtreme Colour, Xtreme Shine, Xtreme Pout' slogan above the picture of the product is good as people will notice it. ...read more.


I think this image conveys that my lipgloss is something out of the ordinary and different from all the other lipglosses out there. I think this will reflect on my audience to make them feel different and unique. The ideas that my advert is selling is that if you wear my lipgloss you'll be different, unique and you'll stand out form the crowd.. I think my advert has succeeded in hitting my target audience because its all about beauty and fashion and looking good and that's what they want. I think its successful because of the image ive used and because of the wording. The words and pictures all combine to make a good advert that will attract my target audience. My products on the self esteem part of the maslow triange because it makes you feel good about yourself. It also makes you feel confident and happy about yourself. ...read more.

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