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Advertising in Media

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We can never get away from advertisements. We see them wherever we go, TV, radio, billboards, vehicles etc. The list is endless. We are forever being persuaded into purchases whether it be a good advert, offers or supposedly low prices. I believe there are too many adverts on TV and radio. We watch TV or listen to the radio to perhaps relax or get away from the stresses of real life. Nobody wants to have to listen or watch some cheesy advert about four times in one hour. I understand that we have to be notified of product but I think media over do it. Some television channels (ITV) have to show adverts to keep it running; unlike BBC where we have to pay for it, so therefore, not needing to show any adverts. If a new product is on the market it is fair to find some alternative to introduce it, and with some products which have been on the market for years; it is understandable that they need to maintain their sales - as they are forever changing. However, with them being absolutely everywhere, it gets very tiresome. The marketing industry, as well as the brand's company, receives a lot of success from adverts, but some are just pointless and a waste of time and money. ...read more.


TV ads are also similar in this department, as they do have to decide which stereotype their product fits into. Although, most TV channels are watched by both men and women, they still have to decide which target audience they want to appeal to. Women, for example, may not have the same humour as men. Some men may well find an advert hilarious while some women would find it tasteless or offensive. Boys and girls are of the same stature. Adverts aimed at young girls are usually fantasised and musical, while adverts for young boys are usually loud and perhaps even violent. In further detail, the girl adverts usually include lots of sparkle and glitter, perhaps making it more eye-catching, also relating to the magical and fantasy theme. There are a few which do not portray that theme; however, they all seem to set it out as a safe and pleasant environment for the girls. Pastels and bright colours are used with swirly, bubbly font. The children will always be smiling and the voice over is almost always a soft, sweetly spoken woman (who from my point of view almost sounds patronising). 'My Little Pony' is a perfect example. The woman speaks to the girls playing with the toys, instructing them to help the ponies get out of trouble. ...read more.


Another "That woman's gonna last a week." Followed by "Damn that girl is good. By showing these scenes after the other, it informs us that her trainers and the senator didn't expect her to last; but she did. The writing over is also catchy and cleverly thought of: using bold font. "There are two sides to every conflict... there are two sides to every LIE" This captures your attention and again, makes you think, therefore wanting to know more and possibly attracting you more to watching the film. The camera shots are very close, quick and dynamic, which makes it seem exciting and scary. Making it obvious to the viewers that the genre is an action-packed thriller. The fact that it is a war film is also made obvious due to the scenes of battles and training. There aren't any bright colours nor are there any happy and cheerful scenes. Just shadows and flashes, giving us the image of it being scary and exciting. The music is very loud and dramatic with a build up towards the end. Leaving us in suspense, wanting to no even more. G.I Jane is left at the end as an imprint. Followed by the date of its preview. Leaving us with the only information of when to see it. Leaving an imprint which is hard to be forgotten, bringing publicity and sales. ...read more.

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