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Advertising is all around us; it has power over our lives, from what we eat to what we wear.

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Media Coursework Bonnebell Lip Gloss Emma Rushton 10S Advertising is all around us; it has power over our lives, from what we eat to what we wear. We see it on the television, in magazines and on newspapers. On the internet and on billboards. It even comes through the post. Everyday the advertising companies are competing against each other, brutally fighting for merely seconds of our time. Why we ask? They want us to buy their product. In this essay I am going to explore and explain how the media makes us want to buy and do certain thing, e.g. wear are hair like super models do or dress the same. I am going to use the adverts for 'Bonnebell' lipgloss because I think this advert is an interesting example of the way companies advertise a product. Firstly I am going to write about the advert in the magazine. Then I am going to write about the advert for 'Bonnebell' lipgloss that I found on the Internet. Finally, I am going to compare the two adverts and see what differences they have. The advert that is in the magazine for 'Bonnebell' lipgloss uses many different tactics to make you want the product. The advert is found in magazines like Bliss, Sugar and Cosmo Girl.This shows it is meant to entice teenage girls around the age of twelve to eighteen. ...read more.


So to have the product will make you look stylish, sophisticated and classy. Teenagers don't like to have cheap looking products. The layout of the advert is clever. It attracts your attention and isn't misleading .The picture of the pretty woman's face takes up most of the advert, the lips are in the centre of the advert .It has bold writing which is placed upon the face. Near the bottom half of the advert it has the brand name of the product clearly printed in big bright letters, which draws our attention. The background of this part of the advert is pink so it makes the yellow writing stand out. This is bright and makes you feel that the product is fun to have and you also will remember the brand name of the product if it stands out. It has three small but clear pictures of three different types of lipgloss that you can buy. On either side of the pictures it has catchy phrases to do with the lipgloss. At the very bottom of the advert it gives you website address which is www.bonnebell.com. This is beneficent because it means that you can find out more about the product that they are selling .It tells you where you can buy the product (Asda and Superdrug). ...read more.


the old coca cola slogan 'Eat, sleep football drink Coca Cola.' This was a very good slogan because around the world cup people did watch a lot of football so the Coca Cola advert was played a lot so this promoted the drink and made it a very popular drink. People related football to Coca Cola. Advertisers use this method to sell their products. The advertisement companies are putting adverts that relate to television program's in between television program's that are related with the type of audience that will be watching. Another example of this is the new Pepsi advert, which cost millions to make but got back a lot more money. It features Britney Spears and was put on in the adverts between the superbowl. I feel that the 'Bonnebell lip gloss' advertisers are very sharp, they use sayings that teenage girls want to hear, this make us feel special and influences our decision to buy the product. I feel that this particular advert has been a great success! During the time that I have been studying the two adverts for 'Bonnebell lip gloss,' I have discovered how and why advertisers use different methods to appeal their product. I have learnt many techniques on how to catch the reader's eye and how to make a product more appealing. I now can see why there is so much competition between different advertising companies. The media is a large part of our lives so why not enjoy it! ...read more.

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