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Advertising is an attempt at persuading the general public to purchase their product.

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Advertising is an attempt at persuading the general public to purchase their product. We are surrounded by numerous various adverts in lots of different places. Adverts are seen on the television, the radio, Internet to football stadiums and on billboard posters. Advertisements effect our everyday lives, the contents of an advert aims to influence us in some way. I have chosen to analyse a 'Proderm sunscreen' advert and a 'Dove Shampoo' advert. The 'Proderm' sunscreen advert is very attention-grabbing it shows a background of blue sea and sky and an attractive woman with an incredible orange suntan. The 'Dove shampoo' advert has three pictures of different hair types on a white background with details of the product in a paragraph of writing underneath. The 'Proderm Sunscreen' advert is from 'The Mail of Sunday' magazine supplement 'You.' and the 'dove Shampoo' advert is from, the women's health and beauty magazine 'Top Sante'. The writing in this advert informs us of how easy it is to forget to reapply sunscreen, but by using Proderm Sunscreen it does not need to be reapplied for up to six hours. The language is very informative and contains factual information. As this advert is for sunscreen it is important to state the facts surrounding the product. Having scientific approval of the product reassures the readers that the product is safe and reliable. 'Forgettable' is written with an exclamation mark, this is significant to the advert as the advert is offering a product that allows you to forget. ...read more.


The pictures are all of equal size and of hair, however starting from the right is brown/red hair followed by golden blonde hair and finally on the left dark brown hair. This is done to show the product can be used on any kind of hair yet it still has a fantastic outcome. They are also the answer to the question at the top of the page, 'Why do you need a moisturising shampoo?' in order to have hair as advertised. The advert is in colour. The 'Proderm Sunscreen' advert is on an A4 page. The background is a clear blue sky that meets the blue sea a third of the way from the top. In large orange lettering across the top is the word 'Forgettable!' Bathing in the sea in the centre of the page is the shoulders and head of a female model. She has an orange tan and long brown hair. In the last third of the page, on the right is a picture of the product, a blue and orange container. In the centre is a short paragraph of writing in white letters and on the left is the 'Proderm Sunscreen' logo. The woman in the advert is between 20 and 25, only her shoulders and head are shown her body is in the sea. She has an orange tan and long brown hair to be envied by all. ...read more.


This advert is trying to sell to people who take pride in their hair and are concerned about the health and not just its appearance. 'Proderm Sunscreen' advert appeared in, 'The Mail of Sunday' magazine supplement 'You.' This advert is aimed at the younger generations, those who are interested in swimming, sunbathing and messing about on their holidays. Generally the younger generations are less keen on their health and more so on appearance and socialising. This product would appeal to them as by using the product less time is spent on the heath aspect of their holidays and more on the fun side. As the magazine, 'You' comes with the 'The Mail of Sunday' a conservative newspaper, usually for those more interested in political and financial aspects of the media I don't think the advert is particularly fitting to the magazine it appears in. The advert tells us that by using 'Proderm Sunscreen' you will get a fantastic suntan as well as having the ultimate protection against the sun that needn't be reapplied for up to six hours. This helps to promote the product, as it is unusual to find a product that, offers what 'Proderm Sunscreen' has to offer, a safe, healthy reliable sunscreen. The 'Dove' advert informs us of why we need 10% water in order to maintain beautiful hair and using 'Dove Shampoo' can do this. The advert uses three pictures of fantastic hair that is envied by most women, and this is very persuasive, as they think it will result in fantastic hair, like the pictures. Emma Dyer S5Y ...read more.

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