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Advertising is important to companies. It is used to exploit all aspects of their product in a positive way. My two chosen adverts are advertising well-known products,

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Analyse and Compare two advertisements. In your essay consider how Advertising techniques have been used. Advertising is important to companies. It is used to exploit all aspects of their product in a positive way. My two chosen adverts are advertising well-known products, "Halls Soothers" and "Synergie purifying wipes". They both come from the same magazine, Sugar, targeting 12-25 year olds. Both adverts share some similarities but are relatively different. My first advert is one for Halls Soothers that targets the 16+ age group. This advert shows a woman at a karaoke night singing into a microphone. There is a karaoke sign in the background along with a blue and orange background, disco lights, people and a cocktail glass. In front of her are the karaoke player and a packet of the Soothers. At the bottom of the advert is the slogan; "Your throat feels smoother when you suck a Soother". These peach and raspberry throat sweets are designed to sooth you throat making it feel smoother. This is what the slogan is telling you. It is being informative whilst also using techniques to give the slogan a catchy feel. Every advertising company wants their product to stand out. ...read more.


There is a very small, blurred out picture in the background of asocial gathering suggesting the place where the karaoke may take place. You cannot see it very well but you know what it is a picture of. This small picture gives the whole image more depth and shows awareness of the surroundings. My second advert is one for Garnier Synergie Pure, Purifying wipes. It targets females around the age of 17-25 maybe early thirties, and people with a busy lifestyle. This is a slightly older age group to the Halls advert as it targeted 16+year olds. The advert shows a close-up view of a female using the wipes, the product, a splash of water, the Garnier logo, a slogan and information about the product. The whole advert is based around the purity of the product, starting with the slogan that says, "Cleanse, Purify and Unblock pores. In one clean sweep". This is similar to the Halls advert as it is based around the smoothness of the product. So both adverts are exploiting the positive aspect of the product. This advert uses the rule of three, hence; cleanse, purify and unblock, unlike the Halls advert that used alliteration to get the point across. ...read more.


The final points of the woman are her clear skin and eye line. The model in the image has got very clean skin with no "impurities" suggesting that she has used the product and become clear skinned. Her eyes are looking up towards the slogan so you look there too. To finish off the pure, natural, clean idea, at the front of the slogan is part of the Garnier logo. It shows a circle with a close up view of a leaf. This image has a double meaning. The first part is that leaves are natural and pure linking in with the product and the second half of the meaning is that the leaf looks like it has pores linking in with the slogan. Both of my adverts have something to do with your body and how to make it better. The Halls advert is to do with your throat and how to make it feel better, and the Garnier advert is to do with your face and how to clean it quickly. The difference between the adverts is the use and choice of words. The Halls advert has used the poetic technique of alliteration and rhyme to make the product stick in your mind, whilst the Garnier advert has used the technique of repetition to get their point across. Hayley License. 10W ...read more.

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