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Advertising is necessary to let us know what is new.

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Advertising is necessary to let us know what is new. This is not necessary true, but can be, if someone does not have that product then it will tell him or her it is new and if the advert is affective it may convince the person watching to buy that product. Examples of adverts that are effective and do this are : 1.) The X-Box advert with the flying man tells us that the X-box is a new console but does not explain what the X-box is about, a persuasive advert such as this is made to be entertaining and convince you to buy an X-box. The X-box is a new console and the advertising adds up to the hype that it received. The advert does a good job at ensuring the person watching knows about the X-box, but does not show its specifications. 2.) Pizza Hut shows us that new pizzas are coming out all of the time an example of the Sicilian, and example for McDonalds is the new Mc Choice menu. Both of these are marketing schemes intended on making more money for the company, not just showing us what is new. It does show us what is new but chances are we will walk into a McDonalds or Pizza Hut and just see it on the menu and order it, the goodwill gets them the profit not the adverts. However some adverts do the exact opposite to this and do not inform us of what is new but of other things. 3.) Whereas the Andrex adverts just shows us the same product over and over again but with a different dog advert. It doesn't tell us what is new, it just tells you it is softer and stronger each time, it is the same for the Charmin adverts., just repeating earlier adverts with new characters. This becomes irritating after a while so will not tell you what is new as you will have already seen it. ...read more.


Although some adverts do not mean to do this, and some do mean to, they still have the same effect, they either encourage independence for women, or the opposite. Some adverts miss this area completely but those that do not either falls into one of two categories. However those adverts that do encourage independence, if reversed would not be accepted in society today, the same could be said for racism so they contrast quite nicely. EG If the diamond car Insurance was men only it would not be accepted, neither would an all white newspaper, but one that is not sold to white people is allowed. Advertising exploits women This is again both true and not true. It is again dependent on the same variables as the last question. You cannot say that it is either true or false for all advertising the answer would probably lie somewhere in the middle. You cannot say that all advertising exploits women, some does, some doesn't and some avoid the issue all together. Some adverts do mean to exploit women, but they just don't feel exploited and don't allow themselves to be exploited. The same could just as well happen to men, products can also exploit men but many companies feel that women are more impressionable. Examples of advertising that does encourage independence are : 1.) Anti-wrinkle products are a great example of how women are easily exploited, they show young women complaining about wrinkles, saying they've used these creams and they work. It is also because people now are a lot more image conscious and so will need to buy more things in order to help their "Image". An anti--wrinkle product is a way of improving your image so that you look younger. "Oil of Olay" and "Nivea Visage" are companies that advertise these products. 2.) The "Herbal Essences" range of hair colourings that show women dancing around looking happy about having "shimmering, vibrant hair", this exploits women and tells them if they have "dull, lifeless hair" then your "image" may be as wonderful as you would like it to be. ...read more.


Examples of adverts that are entertaining are : 1.) The Imperial Leather duck advert, this always makes me laugh and is not shown to the extent that it is annoying. The advert is shown at various times throughout the day as well and does not become boring. If it was on radio it would not work, neither would it work on any other format, only TV. However other people may feel the advert is irrelevant and annoying, as this is just my opinion. 2.) The Siemens C45 advert with the man inside the phone repeating the ringtone, this is funny and is not played too much either and is shown at various time during the day. The added advantage of this advert is that it would work on other types of media, like radio or the Internet, but to still ones EG newspaper. However other people may feel it is irrelevant and annoying. However not all adverts are entertaining, some started as entertaining and are not played too much so become annoying over time, some are just annoying. Examples of adverts that are not entertaining and annoying are : 3.) The advert with the horses and the surfers for Guinness I found extremely irritating, as it was irrelevant, played too much and useless. Although a good example of computer graphics altogether it was annoying. I remember this advert being on over and over and becoming very frustrating. 4.) The Hovis adverts started off funny but were played too much and still are, and have become extremely annoying and are really irritating. They are shown at all times of the day over and over again and are becoming increasingly annoying with every time I see them. Overall you cannot say that all adverts are either annoying or entertaining as they depend on variables and most importantly the person watching as each person is different and individual and has differing views on what is and what isn't entertaining. ...read more.

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