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Advertising is used throughout the world to promote sales and to make products attractive. "The sex-role identity used by humans to emphasize the distinctions between males and females."

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Advertising is used throughout the world to promote sales and to make products attractive. "The sex-role identity used by humans to emphasize the distinctions between males and females." Cited from the Chambers Dictionary of English. Over the past fifty years the roles of men and women have modernised. In the 1960's a woman's movement was established to give women equal rites to men. The objectives of this movement was to give women equal pay to men, give women state support for childcare and for the continued legalization for abortions. For men this was allot easier, they were the standard setters and the only rites to change was that freedom of speech exists as an absence of restriction. ...read more.


Special surveys of local broadcast programmes are also arranged. In a similar but less comprehensive manner, outdoor and transport advertising companies have set up organizations to tally the numbers of people exposed to their posters. Because of the nature of advertising, dependent as it is on psychological and other variables difficult to ascertain precisely, the whole field of audience research is complex and controversial. Researchers have found it necessary to consistently refine their techniques to make them increasingly reliable. Advertising techniques range in complexity from the publishing of simple, straightforward notices in the classified advertisement columns of newspapers to the concerted use of newspapers, magazines, television, radio, direct mail, and other communications media in the course of a single advertising campaign. ...read more.


Another basic persuader is the product name. Manufacturers have spent millions to establish their products as symbols of reliability and value. Once consumers gain confidence in it, the company owner can use the product name and logo as a persuader, that is, as a device to reassure customers that all products bearing their logo are reliable. The product name and logo are especially useful when the manufacturer introduces a new item to an existing line of goods. Two well-known brands are Hoover vacuum cleaners and JCB excavators and diggers. Both of these brand names are universally known for their products and also all the other equipment in their class are all referred to by these two brand names, for example, people call vacuum cleaners "Hoovers" and diggers "JCB" even though they are not made by these companies. ...read more.

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