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Advertising is used to attract their target audience to advertise their products, and if successful, to purchase their product. Advertisers

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Media Coursework General Introduction What is advertising? Advertising is used to persuade us to do something. Whether it is to purchase a product, or to donate our money to a charity. Advertising is to persuade you to give something, to take on a message - not just to buy something. Advertising is not just pictures, words and slogans, but font's ands colours are essential when advertising. There are many different forms of advertising. Some of these include: � Television � Magazine � Radio � Junk mail � Direct � Text messaging � Billboards � Banners and flyers � Bus shelters � Pop-ups � Internet Sites � Cinema There are loads! But the main forms of advertising are generally - Television, Radio and Print based, we see them everyday and everywhere. Advertising is used to attract their target audience to advertise their products, and if successful, to purchase their product. Advertisers use certain techniques in order to make us feel as if we have longed all of our lives for this, and they are very clever at doing so. It is thought that approximately �98 million is spent every year on advertising. 50% of money that is spent on advertising is spent on the press newspapers, magazines and trade papers. 27% is spent on television advertising, 11% is spent on direct advertising, and 7% is spent on Radio advertising, approximately 5% for Billboards and Bus shelter advertising and 0.5% for Cinema advertising. Personally, I feel that Print - based advertising is the most popular form of advertising as is long - lived. By that I mean that unlike television advertising, it does not appear for a certain amount of time, then disappeared and then quite often forgotten about. Another issue is that with television advertising you may not be watching when the advert is shown, therefore you would never have known of it in the first place. ...read more.


In the text on the L'Or�al advert (previous page) they believe that their product is successful "L'Or�al's 1st heat - activated straightening cream", this clearly states that this new and individual product, unlike anything ever seen before. "Thermo-Protect technology", shows that it will more than protect your hair, with this new modern straightening cream. "Wraps each hair with a heat-activated film to easily straighten and protect the hair" this section of text goes into full detail of exactly how it protects your hair. There is a full description of the products result "perfect, silky", this states that this is what it is meant and should do to your hair, though the advertisers put it into terms of, this is what it will do to your hair. "After straightening...", this implies that you need to straighten your hair in order for this product to work and to give the results that it says it does. This text written on the advert is as if Beyonc� herself is speaking, and describing the details of this straightening cream in order to persuade us to purchase it. The text on this advert is catchy and in full detail, perhaps too much detail, it is difficult to understand. In the background of this advert you can see a faint picture in the background, behind the writing, of a hairdryer and straighteners. This relates to what they include in the text about how we should use them with this product, almost encouraging us to purchase these items too. "For use with straightening irons and hairdryers". This clearly shows therefore that it is ideal to use L'Or�al straightening cream with these electric products. The slogan "Straight to perfection, with protection!" has used the technique of alliteration as well as the rhyme of the words "perfection" and "protection". This is catchy and the audience would remember this as it is different and stands out as you read it. ...read more.


The writing is fancy and in a clear white colour so that it looks light, fresh and clean. Where as in the L'Or�al advertisement the text size varies throughout. It starting at it's biggest at the top, and getting smaller and smaller as you eyes are drawn down. There is also more of a variety of fonts used and layouts of the text compared to the Lux advert as they have heightened the meaning of the words by using a font that relates to the word itself. E.g. - "Hot" - the font used for this is as if it is quick flashes of flames. In conclusion the first advert I feel is aimed more towards middle-aged women who are classy, have taste and style, with a high - income. This advert is aimed towards professional women, who want to be glamorous, beautiful and luxurious. I would definitely purchase this product as the advertisers have obviously put a lot of thought and time into this advert and made it look attractive and eye - catching to women of all ages, including me. The second advert that I analysed had similarities to the first advert though they had equally, if not more differences. I think that the second advertisement is aimed more towards the younger audience and this is clear by the colour scheme and use of language used throughout the advert. I would consider purchasing this product as Beyonc� was formally known for her curly and afro - style hair, and if this product can make her hair look this good then I think to myself, imagine what it could do for me? This advert is warming as well as fun loving and well laid out, with a well known glamorous artist to promote it. In my opinion both of these adverts advert are selling to our aspirations; they are trying to sell us into this lifestyle, into new women, not necessarily to who we are, and they have both used famous, well known women to do so. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rebecca Stoneman 11S4 ...read more.

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