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Advertising - Levi's.

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Aanchal Clare 10M1 English Coursework - Levis Essay In the Levis campaign that was started in 1984 and lasted till 1990, the main objective for Levis was to increase the sales of their jeans. The agency that created the campaign was Bartle, Bogle and Hegerty. The way that they managed to increase sales was by keeping the same 'theme' in all the advertisements, which was to associate young, middle-class males with the product. The re-occurring images of these characters in the adverts encouraged white men to buy Levis jeans. During this time Levis had realised that in the 1980's, which was when the advertisements were shown, white, middle-class men were mainly the people with more money. In this essay the two adverts that I will be comparing are, 'Laundrette' and 'Refrigerator'. In the advert 'Laundrette' the main character is a young, attractive white male. He goes into the laundrette with all his clothes on, but instead of the man bringing clothes into the laundrette he decides to take his clothes off then put them in the washing machine. With his clothes the man also puts in stones to emphasise the fact that Levis now come stonewashed. The other characters in the advert are two young girls who are sitting in the laundrette, two young boys and an older woman. ...read more.


When the man in this advert came down from the stairs there is a close-up on the young woman's face and the expression on her face shows us that she is clearly captivated by the man. In both adverts the effect of having young attractive men in the advert is that it influences the viewer to buy the jeans. For young people, who are the target audience of this campaign, if they see somebody good-looking wearing the jeans that would persuade them to buy a pair of jeans for themselves and try to emulate the character shown in the advertisement. Also the characters in both of the Levis adverts are always shown being admired by all the other characters in the advert. For example when the two girls were looking at the man. This encourages the viewer further to go out and buy the jeans because they feel that if they do they can be like the man in the advert and stand out, be admired and be confident. Levis had chose to set their advertisements in the 1950's. This was a time in a America when young people were recognised as teenagers - not just as either children or adults. Teenagers suddenly became more fashion conscious and had a new range of fashions marketed at them. ...read more.


Firstly, in the Levis advert, 'Laundrette', the setting is the title's namesake. As soon as you see the first image the background is covered in red white and blue - the colours of the American flag. In both, 'Laundrette' and 'Refrigerator', Levis had used the same techniques, which were followed throughout all the adverts in the campaign. The association with America in the Levis adverts were very subtle and always in the background, this made the viewer subconsciously take note of the link between Levis and America. An example of this association between both America and Levis is shown in 'Refrigerator'. In the advert 'Refrigerator' the setting is in a typical American style diner, which is the first thing you see in the advert. We then see an old man walk into the diner singing. The camera then jumps to the inside of the diner showing us a woman and the old man. Further more near to the end of the advert the young man that appears earlier gets on a Harley Davidson - a typical American bike and rides off into the sunset on a 'never ending' road. Similarly in 'Laundrette' there are also references made to America. When we first see the setting - a laundrette, we instantly notice the colours on the wall. Unlike 'Refrigerator' the colours used in 'Laundrette' are more striking and noticeable. ...read more.

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