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Advertising - Spyhunter.

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Media Coursework GCSE Advertising Spyhunter The advert I have chosen is on a PS2 game called 'Spyhunter'. The game is also on the Nintendo Gamecube and Microsoft X Box. On the advert there are some pictures from in the game and a background picture of some helicopters which merge into the background. Also there is a computer-generated car on it that is probably the car you drive in the game. The Car has guns on it and they are firing, a bit like one of the James bond cars. The background is meant to be a tunnel from the inside I thing. A blur of lights and wall panel's makes the car seam like it is moving at a high speed. ...read more.


Normally I would say it's for children but a lot of adults now have game consoles and they play a lot of games on them. The advert is about a game so it could also be advertised at anyone with a PS2, Gamecube, PSX, X-Box and Gameboy. The advert is trying to sell a computer game and also it is trying to Attract people to there website, spyhunter.midway.com. The picture would attract anyone with a like for fast cars and the main picture on it is a fast, cool looking car. This is actually the type of game spyhunter is so it would attract the right crowd who would possibly buy the game. The background also helps with the car picture. ...read more.


The other 1/2 has the words on it, ' Straight Adrenaline, With A Helicopter Chase' that I talked about earlier. This is to grab the attention of the view to the picture and the words because they're equally important. So to conclude what I have written. The advert is about a Computer game for the PS2 called spyhunter. The advert is set in a tunnel and it has a picture of a fast, cool car on it. The sort of slogan is ' Straight Adrenaline, With A Helicopter Chase'; but then again it's more like a newspaper review then a slogan. The game is also on the gamecube, x-box, PSX and the gameboy advance. Well that's my conclusion. I don't really know why I picked this advert now because it isn't really that good for writing an essay on is it. ...read more.

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