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Advertising Techniques.

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Advertising Techniques. Advertising can be described as a technique used to persuade people in the public, to respond in a certain manner to the product they wish to sell. In the world around us every day, we are subject to advertising whether we want to see it or not. Everywhere we look, from the T.V. to the radio, magazines, newspapers and the Internet, there is always a company trying to convince us that we need their product to make us popular, prettier, richer or healthier than what we already are. The ads seem to work on our fears, as the companies know that people want to be like everybody else. Today, I am going to look at how a particular product; in this case a new hair colouring; is aimed at different target audiences. For example, if the product were in the latest issue of Dolly or Girlfriend, we would probably see a well-known celebrity or model promoting it. This is trying to tell us two things. ...read more.


In an older generation's magazine, the audience is more likely to be people who have other commitments, and want to save as much money as they can. In the particular advertisement I found in Dolly, it is a description of the Napro Live Colour from Schwarzkopf. The description tells us there is no easier way to colour your hair. Its main focus is looking 'cool'. This means it is trying to work on the fear that some people have, that they will not be cool if they don't use this particular product. The company knows that people who read Dolly and other teenage magazines want to keep up with current trends, where as people who read New Idea and older magazines would look at the product as being something for teenagers, which is why the company would make a different ad for that type of magazine. The copy strategy for this type of ad would be "The magazine ad in Dolly will convince teenagers to buy the hair colour, because they believe that doing so will provide them with a key benefit of fitting in and being cool." ...read more.


This ad follows the known rule of thirds. This means that the main focus is not in the centre of the page, but is off to either the left or the right. In this case, it is the taller model on the left that we notice first, and then the product is down the bottom. By using this technique, the company is trying to make us see what we think is the main focus first. For example, we see the two girls, and the message is that we will have hair like their's by using the product. The white background would make this stand out in a magazine because all of the other pages would have coloured backgrounds. The slogan with the product tells us that it is 'professional hair care for you', implying that this was designed professionally just for the person reading it. The information down the bottom tells us that the colour will wash out in about eight washes, so people can try all of the other shades by buying them, and this will make more sales for the company. ...read more.

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